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By Slidercraft
Sep 19, 2005
  1. what causes the monitor to continuously be in power save mode? im using a 400watt coolmax. Maybe i need more power for my pc? i just built it but i can't even set up the bios cause the screen is in power save mode!! moving mouse or hitting keyboard does not work. All the fans are running. Graphics card fan is running... so im assuming the pc is getting its power. But why the hell can't i get out of power save mode. I've tried a different monitor, not working. Same problem monitor is in power save mode activate using pc. I've consulted many people about this and no one seems to know why it sits in power save mode. Now i know its not my hardware because i had this problem before on my old pc i just can't remember how to get out of it. :mad:
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    Are you sure your video card is pushed in all the way? If it's not making a good connection the monitor will not be getting a signal, and result in power save mode. Also, are you plugging your monitor into your on-board graphics card, or your AGP graphics card(if installed)? When you have an aftermarket graphics card installed the on-board one is disabled, and will not give you any picture. Make sure you are plugged into the right one.

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    Iv'e tried plussing into both of them and still get no response from the monitor. Iv'e tried a diff monitor but its not that. Something in my system is doing this im assuming.
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