More Radeon trouble.

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Feb 27, 2004
  1. I keep getting the VPU error message saying that "the video adapter was reset because it stopped responding to commands from the driver". This is the Radeon 9500 in a Soyo mobo KM400. Ive used the catalyst 3.9, 4.1 and 4.2.I even under clocked the card. I never had this when I was using the 8500. I took the card out and put in in my second computer that has an nForce 2 board and havent had any problems.
  2. MrGaribaldi

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    Since it works ok in an nforce2 board, have you tried updating the VIA drivers for your main motherboard?

    It could also be that there is a problem with your motherboard which a BIOS flash would fix...
  3. PreservedSwine

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    I don't like VPU recover...try disabling it and see if the problem continues.....if the GPU is overclocked, try bringing it down a bit...
  4. vegasgmc

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    Everything is updated. Im beginning to think my mobo is bad. Ive had several blue screens and random reboots since I put it in.
  5. vassil3427

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    Just curious, what type of Power Supply do you have?? Its possible the new card sucks more power, and during graphic intensive programs, draws so much power your PSU cant keep up.

    I used to get blue screens and random reboots on occasion before I replaced my PSU.
  6. vegasgmc

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    The 9500 card was bad but there also seems to be a conflict with Radeon cards and the Leadteck TV card I have. The 8500 is working fine sinve I removed the TV card. Guess I should have gotten an All In Wonder.
  7. jumpsteady_bl

    jumpsteady_bl TS Rookie



    I am very discoraged.

    I have a radeon 8500 128MB AGP video card, a Biostar m7ncd pro motherboard, and 256MB RAM, 2 harddrives both 40GB western Digital, and a Sony DVD player, and a Sony CDRW 52X, of coarse I have a a borton core 1.83Ghtz+ AMD Athlon XP, and along with that I have the extras like LIghted fans and light cords, in the case. I have struggled with the video problem for a month or more...

    I have talked to ATI they wont help even though I am in warrenty, they said it was cause I have already used my alotted amount of Help tickets or something like that. So I have sent it back to them once too, and they sent me a new card, and well I thought everything was fine till the new 8500 started teh same thing, with text corruption and bombing off in the middle of video games, no matter what version of drivers I have, and no matter what the bios settings, unless I am overlooking something, I have reinstalled Windows two times and I updated completely and still I have the same problem...HOwever the more I tweak the settings the longer it takes before the corruption and bombing off occurs, however it still happens, and once in a while I will get a blue screen listing a ATI device driver or .dll in the error report...see my delima? Umm, I thought it would be a conflict between ATI and Nvidia but no one seems to know. If only someone had the same problems...hehe well, talk to me please.

  8. vegasgmc

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    That could be caused by a bad power supply. I also have that motherboard and its default setting for the RAM timmings are too aggressive. The computer would lock up every time I played a game. I set the RAM at 5-3-3, 2.5 CAS. Also turn off Fast Writes in the BIOS.
  9. jumpsteady_bl

    jumpsteady_bl TS Rookie

    me again...

    Well, I tried the RAM config you suggested, and it seems that Windows really likes it better, so thank you with that, I mean it is faster, not a bunch but I can tell that it is faster, however still having the Video problems, ummm I check the fast write and the write combining and they are both off, I also checked the power supply and it appears to be putting out the required voltage, in the right ratios, and order, umm it is fairly new and unless it was bad out of the box I would think it was an alright soon as the graphix mess up again I will screen capture and add to here so you can veiw it, but as far as I can tell it seems to be like a random problem, based on the speed of the game play and the amount of clutter on the MAP that I play, now UT 2K4 bombs between 5 minutes and 45 minutes....Q3 can be played for up to 3 hours....WC3 and BF veitnam is 10 minutes of game play, the times differ based on level clutter and graphic settings the lower the longer the higher the shorter. I am confused, cause I seem to be losing my touch with computers, well this one anyway, and I am in the computer field and IT careers...and all that...but could it be voltage on the AGP core, or any of that....what is the best voltages to run in BIOS, should I modify? I have not so far, they are defaulted...and my IRQ's are system assigned...and seem to have no sharing well none shared with the radeon. I have ripped the system down to nothing, except cpu, Mobo, HD and keyboard and mouse, and it still does the same thing...could a voltage spike or brown out cause this, My power supply is selfcorrecting to a regulations or something, pardon the terms...ummm any insight will be greatly appreciated.


    ~Look it is a bird, its a plane, NO its just Jumpsteady creating new and inventive ways to jump off of a cliff to avoid being killed....hehe.

  10. vegasgmc

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    Have you tried updating your chipset drivers? Since resetting the RAM helped Id weak it more. Maybe 6-3-3. Are any of the other settings set to Aggressive or Turbo? If so turn those down. Also try a program like Memtester in the off chance that you have faulty RAM. Is the system getting proper ventillation? Try playing a game with the side of the case off and a fan blowing in. If it doesnt crash then someting is overheating. Good luck
  11. jumpsteady_bl

    jumpsteady_bl TS Rookie

    hmmm well I tired that...

    I tried the mem tester said...ok!

    I also know that it is not overheating cause I have excessive cooling and I did try with a box fan sitting in front of it, I downloaded a Motherboard Monitor which is really handy since HW docotor that comes with it is not as kool, I tweaked on the setting more and more, and I am hoping that it worked if not I will be back I am going to test in a few minutes. I downloaded...a program called X-tech setup or something close to that, and in the hardware tweaks section there was an improve compatiblity between AMD and ATI hardware....for vid cards, it seemed to not do anything but i will test with and without it, all the tweak does tho is increases a few pageflip protocols, and well makes more space for calculation...I believe, I read the info with the tweak, but anyway....I am off to test.

  12. jumpsteady_bl

    jumpsteady_bl TS Rookie

    umm well, i tested and it bombed off like 4 times during one game, dropping me to the desktop, i kept playing to see if it would blue screen then it did eventually corrupting my UT 2k4 folder, made the game not respond to control from the mouse, and then I uninstalled it and Q3 played fine, then this morning I started computer after a few hours of it being off, and then suddenly it restarted like 3 times in a row, but blue screen first and it listed a driver problem called infinite loop on VGA adapter. I thought inf. loops were impossible now, and that if they happened overheating was suppose to this is starting to act more like a virus then anything else but it cant be. Ummm disabled everything andunhooked everything including audio etc... and still problems, with BF Vietnam....damn this is getting really annoying...I am going to call and yell at the BIOSTAR buttholes cause they have not responded to any of my emails...G that is the last board i buy from there....I will stick with me other boards....oh well and to think I was going to use them as my main board supplier for my business...hehe there loss.....

    any advice...prolly not...oh well.

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