Mortal Kombat movie reboot is getting a sequel

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In a nutshell: Warner Bros. subsidiary New Line Cinema is moving forward with a sequel to Mortal Kombat, the 2021 film reboot of the video game franchise by the same name. According to Deadline, Jeremy Slater has been hired to write the script for Mortal Kombat 2. Slater served as the head writer of Moon Knight, an upcoming miniseries for Disney+ set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and also worked on The Umbrella Academy for Netflix.

The Mortal Kombat movie reboot premiered in theaters and on HBO Max in April 2021 in the midst of the pandemic. It follows MMA fighter Cole Young as he joins others from Earth to battle Outworld forces for control of the universe.

The film generated $83.5 million worldwide and cost $55 million to produce, and received an audience score of 86 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics were less enthused, giving it a score of 54 percent.

No word yet on who will star in the flick, which cast members might return from the reboot, or when the film is scheduled to begin shooting.

Mortal Kombat was conceived by Ed Boon and John Tobais and debuted as an arcade fighting game from Midway in 1992. The game was equal parts controversial and groundbreaking, with realistic digitized graphics, extreme violence and levels of gore not previously seen in video games.

It was partially responsible for the creation of the entertainment software rating board (ESRB) in 1994, but more importantly, it spawned a franchise that remains relevant to this day.

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They really made a decent Mortal Kombat movie, but there was so much wrong with it.

#1 How did Scorpion escape Hell? It felt like there was a deleted scene cut from the film.

#2 Why is Scorpion speaking English to say "get over here", but not able to say anything else?

I liked the movie and I will see the sequel, but they really need to clean up the storytelling better.

MK Legends Scorpion, as an anime, actually did a far better job with the material.


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I dont understand how something that already has stories, lore, etc can be so difficult to translate to a decent movie.

The reboot was horrible so hopefully, they do better with this one.

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The original movie was done properly - it didn't take itself seriously, had some great fight scenes, a kickass soundtrack and the hilariously bad acting of Christopher Lambert as Raiden... I have watched it numerous times, and always enjoy myself doing so.

The reboot took itself way too seriously, and while it might have had higher production values, just wasn't "fun" to watch... I can't see myself re-watching it - but I will be watching the sequel.

Edit: By the way, anyone complaining about "plot holes" or "poor storytelling" really shouldn't be watching this movie to begin with... that's like being angry at Fast and Furious movies for being unrealistic....