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Jan 23, 2007
  1. I just purchased a new biostar P4m80-m4 motherboard and an intel celeron D325 2.53g socket478 256k processor. Biostars's manual and website indicate that this board supports this processor. However when I booted up the machine I got an error message to this effect: warning cpu has been changed or cpu ratio failed. I shut down the machine and when I tried to reboot I got nothing. The power supply does not even start. I have verified that the power supply has not failed. Anyone have any ideas what is going on?
  2. SNGX1275

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    Clear the CMOS and try again.
  3. Leasal

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    Already tried that. Didn't work
  4. chicken-jack

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    had the same thing happen to me but ***** tigerdirect had caused the problem with the motherboard not supporting pentium D proc.

    this is gonna sound dumb, but are you sure you put the processor in correctly?
  5. melbadri

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    I have the same problem...I just purchased a new biostar P4m80-m4 motherboard that was equipped with a pent. 4 2.4G processor. My computer turns on but I do not get any feedback on the monitor as if the monitor is not connected, but i know the monitor is connected because I don't get the "No Signal" output on the monitor.

    I have reset my CMOS and still nothing.

    I was just thinking it might be that I do not have a specific +12/-12 Voltes (4 pins JATXPWR2: ATX Power Connector) connector connected, but I have the JATXPWR1 Power Connecter (20 pins) connected from the power you think i have to connected that 4 pin connector??

  6. Booster

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    I have the same problem, P4m80-m4 with a 2.8GHz P4 if I install any memory faster then PC2100. With PC2700 or PC3200 I can clear Cmos, reboot, make Cmos changes, reboot, and its back to where I started. Stuff the PC2100 in and its like nothing is wrong.
  7. Herbssat

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    I generally try to avoid lower cost biostar boards like the plague. However 478 socket motherboards are very scarce at good prices and sometimes you have to settle for what you can get. If you have a cheap pci video card laying around you can try that to work around possible vga problems. You have done the normal procedure for trying to solve problems by resetting cmos data and yada yada. If you have potential ram problems, you can install the suspect sticks of ram in another computer and run a utility like memtest 86 for errors. Most likely both issues are motherboard related as biostar does not have a very good reputation for quality at the lower end.
  8. Booster

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    Yes, it was a gamble. The Biostar board was the most talked about meaning positive and negitive. I was trying to keep this PC from the recycle bin as I had everything it needed except the MoBo. The memory tried was good old stuff to new good stuff all tested good. The board was purchased new from TigerDirect 2/9/07, TigerDirect always adds the manufactures Tech support number on the invoice so it was a no-brainer as what needed to be done. I called Biostar this morning and after a few questions they sent a new MoBo out today. I should have it in 3-4 days. More to come.
  9. Herbssat

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    I hope everything works out allright for you as far as receiving a good replacement mobo from biostar. I know its hard when you are an end user buying components that should work properly the first time. As a reseller-technician I am in a rather good position as my distributor is about 38 miles away from me. The prices at this distributor are not quite as good as some of my bigger distributors far away but at least I do not have to worry about defective products being ordered from far off. If I have a problem with any new build or component that I sell a customer; I can walk it back in to the counter and get a replacement, no questions asked. My rule of thumb is that I will never buy a motherboard after a 50 mile radius. I will take a gamble on a hard drive, memory, or optical drive, but never on a motherboard as long as my distributor is close by.
  10. Booster

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    I have a couple of resellers/technicians close by but they have to order parts just like I have to. I don't mind the wait as this is not a primary PC for anyone. This PC is going to replace a much older Dell, an OpitPlex GX1. I don't build or repair PC's for a living just for my needs. With 4 kids, an exchange student every year, wife, home entertainment system, and my 4 machines I'm always upgrading updating or replacing. Keeps me busy.
  11. Eddy Rassy

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    I just returned a Biostar Motherboard to tiger yesterday from the PC that I built few days ago. These boards seem to be very unreliable, one minute they work and another minute they don't. When the system locked out on me Monday night, I had to shut down the computer from the rear switch and then the system will not turn on at all after that
  12. Booster

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    Even though I purchased the P4M80-M4 MoBo from TigerDirect, BioStar is sending the replacement. Tiger sent me to BioStar and BioStar offered to send the replacement. I hope they test or at least verify that the replacement MoBo has been tested "OK" before sending it out.
  13. Booster

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    Good news. The Mobo Biostar sent out arrived when they said it would. It was tested by them, the colck was set and the date was correct. It even had the most current bios. However once installed and with the new memory the Kingston PC 2700 or the Ultra PC 3200 in, the same thing happened all over again. The board would only post with the old Samsung PC 2100 memory. After a couple of trys swapping between the different memories all of a sudden the PC 2100 would no longer post and was giving the same "CPU changed" warning message and would not reboot after bios reconfig. Well, upon closer inspection of the memory and the socket I noticed that I had crushed an aphid, yes an aphid in the first slot. Last week we had a warm spell and these critters end up everywhere. What a mess, after cleaning the connector and the memory, the system was back to normal with the PC 2100 memory. This made me look real close at this new memory and in paticular the contacts. What I found was a very thin coating of what ever it is they coat these boards with over several of the contacts. Both the Kingston and the Ultra had this coating on the contacts. I used an eraser from an ink pen to clean the contacts and the rest is history. The contacts had what looked to be good markings from the contacts in the connector but were insulated by the coating. What a pain. The PC is up and running fine.
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