Motherboad Help for Successfully OCing Pentium D 805

By Foxracer15
May 22, 2006
  1. Hey guys i know that there is already a thread that regards this topic but I wanted to start a new one givin my situation.

    I just got done reading the article on overclocking the Intel PD 805 to 4.10 speeds.

    I'm pumped but I have to get a new motherboard thats supports this proc and the overclocking im going to be doing. Also new DDR2 memory (2 gigs). I got a little confused with the tomshardware article when they talked about what memory and mobo would be ideal for at least overclocking to 3.8 (That's what im shooting for with a ZALMAN CNPS9500)

    I'm trying to fit the Mobo, the RAM and the Zalmen fan into a rough $300 budget.

    I just wanted to make sure that this mobo and mem (I'm not sure if I chose the right speeds for the RAM) are ok for overclocking this cpu to at least 3.8

    Thanks a lot :eek:
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    My internet has been skrewy sry!!
  3. CrossFire851

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  4. Foxracer15

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    Yes I already have a Aspire X-Navigator case and a 500w psu.

    So $230 is the least I can spend and get a legit board for OCing?
    What specs am i looking for in the motherboard to buy? Does it have to support DDR2-800 and does that mean that i have to get DDR2-800 memory?

    I was looking at this mobo what do you think:
    Newegg also has a open box version of this board for $113!

    They used it for OCing the PD 805 here:
    They used the non-sli version of it but I'm guessing it's the same?


    Thanks for the help!
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