Motherboard advice!

By lionguy
Aug 22, 2007
  1. I have an emachine m2352 that needs a motherboard. Can someone recomend one that I can just go to and purchase. The people I took the laptop to said it would cost me 350.00 bucks to fix. I have already paid them 79.50 to look at it and this includes labor to fix it. They said that if I can find one cheaper than 350.00 to buy it and they would install it for the 79.50. I know emachine is a cheap piece of crap. I also have lots of unsaved pic's and other information on my hard drive that is dear to me. As you can tell nw by reading my post I am not very informed about computer tech. Suggestions?
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    Forget fixing it. You are halfway to a new machine with warranty and all that.
    The repair shop seems expensive but they have to fit either a repaired board or a new one of exactly the same type and it is going to cost. As vegasgmc says, get an adapter (be very careful about connecting it as you can kill the drive if you fail to connect pin1 on the drive to pin1 on the cable!
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