Motherboard and CPU suggestion please

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Jul 22, 2005
  1. Building new system, most likely scenario:

    DFI-NF4-DAGF motherboard
    Athlon64 3700+
    MSI MX850PRO-VTD256E Video Card

    My main priorities will be
    1) be able to play the latest games
    2) quiet system

    I am thinking that SLI setups are not for me, unless someone really feels I am crazy for steering away from them.

    Going with the AthlonXP 3700 as I have heard it is great for OCing, and so much cheaper than the 4000 when the performance is not that much different.

    What do you think of my choices above? Are there better non SLI boards out there than the one I have chosen?

    Also, I have NO idea what PSU to get... I am on a budget, but don't want to mess around with a crappy PSU. What is the best bang for the buck considering the setup I am looking at?

    And finally, if anyone wants to really help me out... I know NOTHING about liquid cooling, but am tired of jet engine fans required for OCing. I need some quiet in my house! What is the best Liquid cooling set for someone who knows NOTHING?
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    make sure your cpu is based on a 90nm process and is not a newcastle core, especially if you plan to overclock.
    not worry, you don't need liquid cooling. look at the zalman 7700cu cpu cooler. it is a high-quality cooler and is very quiet. and of course it's dimensions mean you'll have to make sure you get a board/case that can accommodate it. and let's not forget it's amazing cooling performance.
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    Thanks for the replies! This is great.

    What about the motherboard. Anyone have any feedback on that?

    What is the best non-SLI 939 board out there these days?
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    all major manufacturers offer sli and non-sli versions of thier best nforce4 boards. i reccomend the msi k8n neo4, but it's just one of many top boards out there. asus, gigabyte, and dfi all have good offerings for you.
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