Motherboard Compatibility

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Apr 22, 2005
  1. I'm upgrading my motherboard. (Intel Desktop Board D845PEBT2) I'm looking for something that is compatible with all of my other hardware, mainly my memory.

    Some advice would be awesome on which brand to choose. Like which company provides BIOS updates regularly. Some suggestions would be very helpful. :confused:
  2. Nodsu

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    A company that has to constantly patch its BIOSes is something to shy away from rather than embrace..
  3. vnf4ultra

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    I don't really understand what you're saying. You want to upgrade but keep everything the same? Are you saying your motherboard is fried, or do you want more features? Provide more info please.
  4. Vigilante

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    Analyze what you have now. CPU, RAM, Video, PCI cards, hard drive and CD-ROM types.
    Then make sure the new board supports it.

    Also, I don't think frequent driver updates are bad. Just depends what the updates are. If they come out with a new BIOS every 3 months with 25 bug fixes, that could be a problem. But a lot of BIOS upgrades simply add functionality, or upgrade it's support. And that is fine.

    I like MSI, Epox, and ASUS myself.
  5. maXimus4444

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    I'm slowly upgrading my whole system. My first upgrade will be the mother board. I am just looking for suggestions that would be compatible with my current hardware and also be compatible with top-of-the-line hardware.
  6. Vigilante

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    "...compatible with my current hardware and also be compatible with top-of-the-line hardware..."

    That is difficult. Cause if you go with 64 bit (top of the line), nothing of yours will work! So right there you are stuck to 32bit stuff. And not top of the line. But that is just one case.
    For the most part you should be fine. Browse around MSI's and ASUS's sites and see what they have.
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