Motherboard doesn't reconize cpu properly

By jay0117
Aug 1, 2005
  1. Specs:
    Motherboard- Msi 694d pro dual Pentium III socket 370 (533mhz-900mhz)
    Processors- PIII 800eb (2), f.s.b 133

    When cmos and board are set to auto my computer boots with a PIII 600e (100x6) ,2cpus. Im peeved cause thier obviously not. Utilizing the jumper settings and forceing an f.s.b 133, my computer boots with: PIII 800eb ,1cpus.......It completly omits my other processor! tried going into cmos and changeing the ratio to x8 with fsb 100. comp pretty much ses "ya right" and continues to boot 600e (100x6). Even went to Msi and updated to the latest bios version (3.7) as if that made a difference (even though the update was support of the coppermine d cpus!?!?) some one HELP before i chuck the whole damn thing at Bill gates (i know for once this problem ain't his fault, but just good measure...)
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