Motherboard for a Used Athlon 64 XP 3200+ Socket 939

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Oct 4, 2006
  1. My old machine and I are destined to part ways sooner than later. Unfortunately, the pocket book would much rather it be later. I have come into the possesion of a 6 month old Athlon 64 XP 3200+ Socket 939 and would like to build a new computer around it.

    I would also like to reuse as many of the existing parts I have as Possible, which include:

    40 gb WD HD AtA 100
    160 gb WD HD ATA 100

    2 Kingston Dual DDR PC 3200 512

    Nvidia Geforce 6200 AGP 256 mb

    I know switching out the hard drives would be better, but these are fairly new and have a lot of data on them.

    Also, do I need to buy a copy of Windows xp 64, and will my exitsting software run with that. The biggest thing I am trying to acheive is video editing (I,m using Pinnacle's Studio 9 plus) and actual DVD burning.

    Any suggestions regarding a motherboard and anything else would help.
  2. nickslick74

    nickslick74 TS Booster Posts: 575

    First we need to be sure of the cpu. Is it an Athlon 64 or an Athlon XP? XP's used Socket A and 64's used Socket 939 (also Socket 754 and AM2). Since you mentioned that the CPU uses 939 then it is the Athlon 64. But we need to be sure.
  3. nbthor

    nbthor TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 35

    I know for sure its a socket 939, it's used and has the heat transfer pad attached so can't see the back. So I guess that means its a 64.
  4. Didou

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    Well an Asrock 939Dual-Sata2 is quite cheap & offers all you need including a PCI-e port for an extra (small) upgrade down the road but that's as far as it will take you. It also has (as its name implies) a sata-2 port on top of having two sata-1 ports.
  5. sghiznaneck

    sghiznaneck TS Maniac Posts: 403

    If you go with that board, you won't be able to use your present graphics card since it is a PCI-E board.
    May I suggest an ABIT KN8 if you want to go that route.
    If you want to stick to AGP, I would suggest an EPOX 9NDA3I. Both are set up for SATA config and 800mhz FSB.
    You may want to go with the PCI-E board and swap out the card you have and put a nice 7600GT or GS PCI-E since AGP is becoming a way of the past.
  6. nickslick74

    nickslick74 TS Booster Posts: 575

    Actually, the board Didou mentioned has both slots (AGP & PCIe 16x). So he can use his current Geforce 6200. However, since there is going to be video editing involved, I would suggest an upgrade to at least a geforce 6600 pcie. They can be had for around $100. But you can do that in the future. You may also want to think about a new power supply, since most pre built computers come with pretty weak ones.

    Asrock Mobo:

    Here is a very good, inexpensive power supply:
  7. Mirob

    Mirob TechSpot Paladin Posts: 478

    I have a DualSATA2. It probably is the best 939 mobo with AGP.

    The Biostar T-Force 939 is good too, no AGP but the onboard is just a little less powerful the your card. It would end up using some of your system RAM for video.

    Don't get Windows X64, get XP Home or Pro. 64bit is still of no real value. That OS has problems and the drivers do too--if you can even get them.
  8. Tedster

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    there is no such thing an as an athlon 64 XP 3200+

    there is an athlon 64 3200+
    and an athlon XP 3200+

    the former is 64 bit capable
    the latter only 32bit
  9. nbthor

    nbthor TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 35

    Thanx for the suggestions. I will look into my options and go from there. I like the idea of room for improvement. I'd ditch the AGP card for PCI-e, except it's two months old. I will definitely get a new power supply. The one I have now is an upgrade, but it's deafening me.
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