motherboard malfunctionality

By mgaire
Oct 16, 2007
  1. i have a p4, 845 intel GvFN motherboard. Every time i power on the switch the computer starts booting itself. It goes to the BIOS setting directly. what i need to do is press F4 and then arrange the first boot device and then press F10. This solves the problem for the time being. The computer runs all the programs but with a delay(384 Mb Ram Installed & working Properly). when i Turn it off but do not plug it off through the mains(i.e switch it off) and then Start it again then it directly boots through the hard disk, BIOS does not needs to be reset. Date and time also remains same. But when i switch it off & then start it again then It goes to BIOS, Date & Time is reset yo 01/01/2002. What do i need to solne this. Do i need to buy a new motherboard or does it works???
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    The CMOS battery is supposed to maintain your BIOS settings when the PC is switched off or unplugged. Try changing the battery.

    BTW, is there a reason you switch off the power supply instead of just shutting down Windows from the Start menu? Maybe you were just testing it.
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    no that did not solve my problem

    yes I have new CMOS battery,changed it two days ago. I shut computer through the start menu as it is done. But the problem is that when it is unplugged then the date & time goes out, and in next boot it goes to BIOS. But if i do not unplug it off & leave it Shut down with electricity supplied to it & then Start it any time even after hours it does not goes to BIOS ,the Time & Date does not reset. next when i Shut it down and unplug it off. then plug it(switch on the mains(electricity) ) then it starts to boot itself ,i donot even need to touch the CPU,goes to BIOS again. Since this problem has started the computer has also slowed down tremendously.
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