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Mar 20, 2007
  1. I am having a graphics screen tearing problem, and I have arrived at testing the RAM, power supply and motherboard.

    I got some errors using memtest86 ( with both chips in and also with only one of each chip in. Corsair said they would replace my RAM, but the guy said he thinks the problem is actually my power supply or motherboard. So I am trying to use motherboard monitor (
    to test both of those.

    Here is a pic of the results I got from motherboard monitor:

    Now what I do not understand is for those readings that show 0. Are those possibly readings that the software cannot get, or is is pretty certain that if it reads zero then that node is "zero"?

    In general, I have no idea how to interpret all of that. I talked to the manuf. of my power supply, and they did not really know wth I was talking about. I also talked to ASUS, and they said they only know normal readings in watts. :|

    Can anyone read this conclusively as an error with something specific?

    thanks so much!

    Here are the specs for my power supply if that is helpful:

    My motherboard is ASUS SK8N (Socket 940).

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  2. Nodsu

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    You cannot really "test" a motherboard reliably. There are PSU testers, but these are special equipment. For mobos and PSUs, the easiest way is to replace them (temporarily) and see if it helps.

    I say let them replace the RAM first and go looking for other parts when the problems persist.
  3. unonimus_zero

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    Thanks very much for your reply.

    No offense, but why are there programs like motherboard monitor if the results are useless? Surely the results I have lean towards proving if something specific is or is not at fault?
  4. Nodsu

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    Motherboard monitor shows you the temperatures and RPM, which are very important for the cooling point of view. CPU speeds and such may be of interest too if you are overclocking or something. But these have nothing or very little to do with possible damage to the chips or the PCB of the mobo.
  5. unonimus_zero

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    Ok. Well I talked to two different guys at Corsair about my memtest86 results (which were various errors in tests 3, 4 and 6. They said that tests outside of 1-4 and randomly occurring tests inside 1-4 (which they have been random) were likely to be caused by a bad power supply or motherboard. So this is why I was trying to test my motherboard. The temperatures seem fine, but specifically what I was concerned about were those voltages in the image I posted a link for: Core 1, -12.00 and -5.00 which all are in the red. I was hoping that would be an indication of something.

    What I am gathering is that it is not an indication though?

    Also, Corsair already said they would replace my RAM, so they would not have any reason to purposefully put the problem off on another part.

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