MotherBoard problem, Nothing displayed in Monitor

By shila2007
Mar 21, 2007
  1. My PC is attacked with trojan virus. At first Windows is corrupted. After some days when I tried to Start PC I've turned on the power and everything lights up, all the fans turn, but my monitor doesn't show a thing. I really do not know what my problem is, I am really stumped at this point and could use any help. I really hope it isn't that my MB fried, that's what someone has told me could be the problem, but everything is running smoothly, it just isn't turning up on the monitor. And then I check with another monitor same problem exists. I Checked my AGP card in another PC and saw AGP card worked properly. Then I connected my Hard Disk in another motherboard and Set Up OS properly, Clean all Virus. But In my motherboard same problem exist till now. That's what someone has told me could be the problem.

    Tell Me any about 'Is there any way to check damage to the motherboard'.

    pls send repply about this problem
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