Motherboard problem

By gingerade202
Feb 23, 2007
  1. i just got my new coolermaster case and biostar motherboard and im having a problem hooking them up.i toook my old processor from my gateway and put it in biostar and same with ram and harddrive and videocard and i went to turn it on and nothing happened. all the fans hooked into the motherboard worked as well as the other 1 that isnt. idk if im not getting enough power cuz theres only a 300 watt psu but not even the power butten lights up. what should i do

    i called compusa and they said its probally because the motherboard isnt grounded properly cuz something is touching the back wrong idk it was kinda confusing so im going to take out mobo and remount it

    i remounted motherboard but its doing the same thing but the power light lights up now
  2. Ididmyc600

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    Are you sure the board supports the components you have taken from your old PC.

    The fail to post is a positive sign that the board is not happy with something that is plugged into\onto it.

    if you have a speaker connected are you getting any beeps.

    Also if you have accidentally grounded the board, then there is a chance you have sha**ed the board and nothing you can do will get it working.

    Fingers crossed.

  3. gingerade202

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    theres no beeps and it does the same thing when i put all the parts back in the gateway so im brining gateway back to compusa and since its still under warrenty it will get fixed and i shipped motherboard back to newegg for a new 1 and hopefully it gets all working agian
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