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Nov 8, 2007
  1. Hi, I have a Asus P5LD2 (not deluxe) and i was wondering if i can use SLI with my Geforce 7600 GS on it. I think SLI is possible with my graphics card (7600 GS) but the question is will my motherboard support and work with SLI. Thanks
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    from what i see onj all the site reviews and everything is nothing, but the deluxe version does and i dont know how differenct they are. My guess is yes but if i was you i would try to find the motherboard manual and try to find it there
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    Each of these have Specs and it's details.
    Read their manuals or go to the websites and read their product specs.
    Do a search for SLI there.
    Why expect someone else to do it for you.
    BTW what is SLI ? I'll try to answer that for my components.
  5. Izzy2004

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    I did look at the Asus site but. Its not stated there... and i do not have a manual for the motherboard since i bought comp already completed.
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    Try again

    asus has a downloadable pdf Manual,try a little harder in downloads
    for your board.It also has downloads that would be on a cd.
    But what is
    if you want a reply i have to know what it means.
    in 3 words.
    Thats why i don't buy that kind.You need a manual and a cd.
    The asus cd has utilities to install after Window installs.
    The manual tells you witch omes and why.vga is a definite,internal or Plug and Play video card.
    I will not post the links for you.I'd have to be absolutely sure i knew what they where.I could cause you more problems this way.
    Learn how to use your incomplete computer.
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    SLI is basically in your 3 words :D.. Just the Ability to link 2 graphics cards (GPUs) together and make them both run to give about 200% efficiency.
  8. zipperman

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    I see Thanks

    I can't help you with this any further,except I know it can be done with
    the right Motherboard.So start at asus,they might have a different way of
    describeing this feature.
    Now i have to ask "What is (GPUs) ?
    Each of these are "3 words".eg: RAM = Random Access Memory.
    So i can check my asus P5K-VM Board features.
    It's a good late asus model that i think has this.
  9. Izzy2004

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    Well GPU is graphics processing unit
    and SLI is Scalable Link Interface.

    Oh yeah and i found out i cant use SLI since i got only 1 PCI x16 slot =(
  10. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    ASUS' motherboards usually have an SLI somewhere in their name to indicate SLI support. Yours doesn't, so there's your answer.
    @Izzy2004, SLI doesn't give even near 200% efficiency.
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