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By acacia666avenue
Jul 20, 2007
  1. I was going to get the EVGA 680i SLI A1 Mobo wondering if I could use the Corsair Dominator 2GB Dual Channel 1066 MHz or the 1142 MHz one. The mobo says its compatible with 533 MHz, 667 MHz, 800 MHz and 1200 MHz. I have yet to see a mobo that says compatible with 1066MHz or 1142MHz. So if someone could please tell me whats compatible and whats not.

    1066 MHz RAM
    1142 MHz RAM
  2. chuck4456

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    I haven't heard of any of that NOT working with 680i. You'll probably have to set your timings and voltage manually, of course. Shop around if that's what you want. I've seen better deals here and there.
  3. Tedster

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  4. acacia666avenue

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    The mobo isnt by XFX though, its by EVGA. But yea thanks for your guys help.
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