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By evljokes
Jan 27, 2008
  1. Hello All, I'm new to Techspot and having an issue I think. I have a Machspeed p4mst-890 socket 775 mb. just purchased two 2 gb pc4200 sticks. When first booting pc ddr dimm speed only reads 132. How can I adjust that as I thought they were 533 mhz. also my fsb is only running at 250 mhz. can I change those through bios. Vista exprience rating for memory only reads 4.1 and I think it should read a little higher than that. Any help would be appreicated and thanks
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    Could be the wrong memory brand or construction for that board. Some boards are particularly difficult with PC4200 and above. ASUS actually lists what memory will work. Timings and CL ratings are critical on some boards of that genre. Others practically require that the memory modules are a matched set of CL 2.0 or 2.5.
    You might want to check with the tech people of the manufacturer of the board.
    They should be 533, but some will only run at 400. I have not seen the problem you report. Some boards require a CL of 2.5 or even 2.0.
    Still, your FSB is apparently incorrect.
    Check your BIOS and Chipset downloads. It could be a motherboard problem, or at least a setup problem.
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    need help

    the ram is supported with motherboard. in my bios theres a section that says performance booster zone. It says current fsb frequency is 50 mhz. current dram frequency 266 mhz. dram clock by spd. dram timing auto by spd. cpu clock 200 mhz. does this give any more info?
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