Motherboard temps too high OCing my new rig!

By gamingguy27
Oct 14, 2007
  1. Hello!

    I bought a new pc:

    Intel Q6600 @ 2.66GHZ
    Asus P5K Premium
    4 x 1GB Crucial Ballistix
    1 x BFG 8800GTX
    Antec p182

    I have excellent cable managment etc and decent fans. However, when i OC'ed my CPU to 2.66 i recieve an Asus warning (when running Prime95) saying that the MB is too hot (@ 45C) by the way my cpu is only 48C.

    Is this too hot? (for the MB).

    I am using Asus Probe to monitor temps...


  2. gex1991

    gex1991 TS Rookie Posts: 27

    lol ok this is the thing, OC is very very risky and messes with everything, ok let me make this simple and fast, check air flow, check heat sync, and finaly check location of computer, if all that checks just ask for more help
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