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Jun 23, 2002
  1. Well, my exams are over and I only have 2 more weeks of school to gut through. I haven't visited these forums in a long time :p

    Anyway, I was wondering, does the AGP have a separate divider from the PCI? I mean, on a 133Mhz FSB, PCI has a divider of 1/4 to run at 33Mhz. AGP runs at 66Mhz (correct me if I am wrong), so it could have a 1/2 divider. If the FSB ran at 166Mhz, a 1/5 divider will let the PCI run at 33Mhz, but a 1/2.5 divider is needed for AGP <= Is it possible?

    Reason being I want to get a new KT333 system, and bring the FSB to 166 to match the memory (Obviously needing to unlock the CPU and bring down the multiplier some).

    Second of all, what Motherboards support 1/5 PCI dividers? If I remember correctly, ABit's Softmenu III has 1/5 dividers, but ABit's KT333 motherboard can only operate with 2 DIMMs populated.

    Lastly, will my current PIII motherboard's power supply work with Socket-A motherboards? My case is a regular ATX one with a 300w powersupply, I know that P4s use a different type of powersupply, but what about PIIIs and Athlons?

    I've come back with lots of questions :eek:
  2. Mictlantecuhtli

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    If I remember correctly, every motherboard I've seen has had AGP running twice the PCI bus speed. Some, like my motherboard, have the option to choose whether the speeds are locked or related to FSB speed.
    For PSU compatibility, check from motherboard's manufacturer site (or other) for a picture of the board. If you don't see that new connector ATX 2.03 PSU's have, it should work. I haven't heard of it being used in other systems than P4s.
  3. JAV

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    Hi guys,

    33mhz PCI? You have been gone awhile. ;)

    There is 64bit 66mhz PCI & also 100 & 133PCI. My GF2 MX400 VisionTek card is 66mhz PCI.

    PCI isn't standing still: "Running at frequencies of up to 133 MHz at either 32-or 64-bit widths, PCI-X is designed to bring the PCI Local Bus data throughput performance to over 1 Gbyte/second (8 Gbits/sec). PCI-X brings more efficient bus operation, allowing easier interfacing with memory controllers, bridges and other advanced I/O solutions. Other details include:

    Split Transactions allow an initiator device to make only one data request and relinquish the bus, rather than constantly polling the bus for a response.
    Byte Count enables initiator to specify in advance the number of bytes requested, eliminating the inefficiency of speculative pre-fetches.
    Improved error handling allows recovery from some kinds of data parity errors.
    Relaxed transaction ordering improves performance in complex multi-CPU systems and in real-time applications." ***Quoted from :

    Here's 2 Tyan boards: Up to 3GB, 4 DIMMs DDR PC2100 ECC registered, 5 PCI (2x64-bit/66mhz)/1 AGP Pro, VGA & 2x3Com LAN(Part - MBATYAS2468GN)
    *and* Tyan S2468NG Dual Socket A w/ATI Video w/dual 3com LAN, 1 PCI 64bit 3.3v, 1 PCI 64bit 5v, 3 PCI 5v. (Part - 2594)

    If you search the web, you'll find a lot more.

  4. TSDMK

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    Looks like a server board to me, here is the EPoX 8K3A+ in comparison:

    from EPoX's USA website.

    For now, 33Mhz PCI is fine for me :D

    Anyone had any experience with 166FSB?
  5. lotrgranny

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    speaking of motherboards, I need the cd that comes with the k7 motherboard model no. m811 via kt 266a/8235. Anyone out there have it that could spare me a copy of it? Or direct me to a site where I could download it?
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    Once again, you have resurrected a 4 year old post. Please try to reply to newer posts.
  7. lotrgranny

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    well, pardon me, how is a new person suppose to know these things??? Why don't you get rid of the old posts or disable them from postings??? And what do you mean once again??? This is my first time... so much for a warm welcome!!!
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