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Feb 26, 2006
  1. I just bought MSI K8N Diamond Plus 939 board, and MSI 7800GT PCI-E video card. I read the manual and it has a 4 pin connector on the motherboard JPWR3 that is for powering the video card. But I also got a 6 pin-2x4pin(3 actual pins in molex) Y connector that hooks up to my video card. Do I hook up the one on the board only, the one on the video card only or both. A bit confused...
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    not real sure so you might want to hang out for the other guys oppinions but i think pluging that extra 4pin power on hte mobo and the card vid card will boost its power (heard it off a friend but cant remember his exact words)..

    again.. just hang on a bit before you do anything....
  3. EvilFallenAngel

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    Getting PSU 03/01/06 so still some time to get reponses. Thx :evil: :darth:
  4. EvilFallenAngel

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  5. Hogsnapper

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    same problem

    I have the same question ...I have the same mobo and video card and am not sure if I should hook up both ...Any help would be greatly app....
  6. DonNagual

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    You can download the motherboard's manual from the maker's website to confirm, but I'd say go ahead and plug them both in.

    Without a doubt plug in the one that goes directly to your video card. That one is not optional and your system will not run properly without it.

    The other one you really only need if you are running two video cards at the same time in an SLI config. My board also is SLI capable and I currently only have one 7800GT plugged in. Yet, I decided to plug in the SLI power (the 4 pin connection on the motherboard) anyways just to give my system any juice it could possibly want.
  7. rickatnight11

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    Because GPUs draw a significant amount of power, I would recommend it being on its own line if your PSU can support it. I wouldn't have it on the same line as the mobo power.
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