By bsblhater
Mar 18, 2007
  1. hi everyone this is my 1st post and 1st day here. i recently brought home a emachine computer of a friend that said it quit and let go off some smoke.
    i replaced the power supply which was smoked and it did not fix the problem. after looking over the mother board i found a chip that was fried. well i got another board for it and installed it yesterday and loaded windows on it. the thing worked fine . i have it set up to hibernate so i powered down and it went to hibernate and i added a stick of ddr to it and powered it back up from there things barrel rolled on it. the video dont work the tower dont beep on power up. i cleared the cmos as the manual said and have unhooked a host of things that the manual went through in the trouble shooting section. nothing seems to work. i thought i may have lost the video on the mother board but iam thinking that the computer will not beep on power up and therefor will not initialize. if someone can help with some tips i will greatly appreciate it. i dont want to have to call tech support. what does the beep on power up mean.

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    If the motherboard beeps when trying to POST, it's because there's a problem with some component. Note down the number and length of the beeps, then look in your motherboard manual or go to the website of your motherboard manufacturer and look for a list of beep-codes. If you're having trouble finding the list of beep-codes, then post the name of your motherboard and the beeps here. I think there was a list of beep-codes posted on the forums, but damn if I can remember where it's at.
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    jessie my problem or what iam thinking is a problem is that when i start the computer there are no beeps period. i will check out the web site like you said. this thing worked great yesterday than i put it in hibernation and added a stick of ddr and when i powered back up there is nothing but the power supply running and a little led labled standby on in the motherboard. i got to look over the motherboard manual again real close. this is a jumperless motherboard. what do you know about overclocking.

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