Motherboards, can anyone help?

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Apr 22, 2005
  1. the only thing i havent changed in my computer now is the motherboard and now i think its time. can anyone give any suggestions to what i should get?

    the board needs to be:
    Socket 478
    Support the RAM i already have (PC2700 DDR 333MHz)
    FSB 400
    Support A VGA 8x Graphics Card.

    i would also like:
    As Many PCI Slots As Possible
    More Than 2 IDE Sockets On The Board

    if you need any more information please e-mail me at
  2. iss

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    you cn find Intel's 875PBZ boards being discounted and they are great boards. they fit all your requirements except they dont have 4 IDE connectors they have two IDe and two SATA.
  3. swker98

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  4. vnf4ultra

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    Depending on your price several boards will probably work well.
    These all have more than 2 ide ports.

    To get more than 2 ide ports, basically you have to buy a premium motherboard, as evidenced by price. Many cheaper motherboards have 2ide plus 2-4sata ports, which would increase the amount of hard drives you could install. On a board with 2 ide, and 4 sata, you can install 8 drives.(4 ide, 4sata).
    Like this board has 2 ide(4 drives) and 2 sata(2 drives) and it's cheaper.
    and these

    So if you don't mind setting up sata drives you could get a cheaper motherboard. But if you need the 2+ ide, I'd recommend the first motherboard I listed, the asus p4p800 e deluxe. It's the least expensive that has 3 ide, plus it's a good brand. It has 3 ide(6 drives) and 4 sata (4 drives) so it can have 10 total drives.
  5. Samstoned

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    Great info
    thanks vnf4ultra
    how bout some low end server boards should be a'couple out there
    that have 4 ide connecters?
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