Motherbord wont detect agp ina odd way

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Sep 22, 2007
  1. hello guys i was reading some of ur threads about how to fix this but i need some help lol im using astra32 to check my motherboard etc. and it says my SMBIOS is incorrect i think this is the problem also i can find a bios update for my PC as well belive me ive looked but IBM bios updates are hard to find so i need your guys help if u could be so generous my BIOS is

    PhoenixBIOS 4.0 Release 6.0 for IBM Netvista. for IBM

    it says AGP is supported but i cant enable it in the BIOS i tried uninstalling the intergrated video and rebooted my PC i got happy when it said new hardware found but it was just the intergrated can u guys help me plz.
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    Connecting your monitor

    What happens when you connect the monitor to the
    unnamed Video Card and monitor
    This will disable Onboard.
    This seems more of a video driver problem.
    Do you have a cd ?
    A bios update isn't usually necessary,but your Motherboard cd
    should describe this,or go to the mbd website Support updates.

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    lol im sry the video card is ATI 9250?256MB DDR TY-OUT DVI 128bit agp
    i lost the CD when i first got it cuz i was moving heh
    ill try

    i think i found it ill restart and c if it works
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    let us know how it goes.

    Good luck ;)
  6. zipperman

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    No video card

    I meant video cd.
    I may be wrong about an update needing the cd installed.
    But not knowing your OS was probably why.
    If it's XP then you should have a working "unnamed monitor" readable.Right ?Click the desktop for Propertys/settings.Is your video card named there ?
    Then go to ATI,find your OS then your card selection.Follow the rest of selections.
    The remove previous won't apply since you havn't used the lost cd.
    Save the Catalyst and driver download to your desktop,close browser and run it.
    You don't really need the other MMedia right now if you
    have video players.Some free ones are better.You decide.
    Install your monitor driver if it included a cd.
    Get the pdf manual before changes in Catalyst Control Panel.
    Defaults are ok unless you have problems.
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