Motion Blur/Ghosting/I don't know

By Dusk
Dec 7, 2005
  1. I just received a Samsung Syncmaster 930BF and love it but I am having a problem as I also had with my previous CRT monitor. When I move around -turning scrolling- in 3D applications (Games)it isn't smooth it blurs I have tried changing most of the settings, I have searched online also but can't find an answer. I had this problem on my previous CRT and I thought getting an LCD would fix it, but it didnt.

    Could it simply be my graphics card or what?

    Please help, this has been bothering me for ages, thanks!

    AMD Athlon XP 2.08GHz
    Radeon 9500 - Catalyst 5.11
    Gigabyte nforce 2 motherboard
    1MB DDR Corsair
    Samsung SyncMaster 930BF

    Display settings

    1280x1024 @ 75Hz
    V-sync = Always on
    Refresh Rate overide = Disabled
    Reduce DVI frequency on high-resolution displays - on
    Alternate DVI operational mode - on
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