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Jun 28, 2003
  1. My mouse behaves erratically about 2-3 hours into a computing session then locks up. If I reboot, it is active for a few minutes before lociking up again. I have keyboard access to my computer , just no mouse function. I have not added any new programs before the problem surfaced. Since then I have updated the mouse driver but problem persists. I'm using Win 2000 with >500k ram. Both manufacturer (dell) and microsoft service people have not been helpful. Since everthing works fine for a few hours I'm thinking heat problem. Any other suggestions - fixes? Thanks
  2. XtR-X

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    If it's wireless, there may be your problem. I've been to LAN parties with my wireless stuff and we all end up going back home for wired stuff.

    Try a different mouse, if wireless turn off anything that may interfere with it (other wireless stuff). Try replacing the batteries (if wireless).
  3. Rick

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    That's bizzare.

    I don't think it is heat because if your computer were overheating, you not have the ability to use ANY input devices (including your keyboard). Typically, if your computer is overheating, it will lock up and you would have to restart manually.

    Also, I would rule out the possiblity of your PS/2 port or mouse connection being bad because this would totally freeze your computer as well... Including keyboard input. This also makes the mouse an unlikely suspect, but you might want to try a different mouse just in case.

    The first thing I would try is using Safe Mode. If it fails to do it in Safe Mode, then you definitely have a software issue on your hands. If it continues to do it, then hardware is most likely to blame.. Or Windows itself.

    How long do you wait for your mouse come out of its coma? The next time it freezes, just let the computer sit for 5 minutes and see if your mouse works again. I've seen a lot of problems like this where the person was just impatient and assumed it locked up. If the mouse becomes usable after a few minutes there is a software problem and it is probably fixable. Having an older, poor performing system can enhance this problem, usually.

    To use safe mode, tap F8 a split second before the Windows 2000 screen pops up. A menu should appear with the Safe Mode with networking option... It isn't pretty, but it will be usable for typing and Internet access. Just use this for a few hours and see if you can reproduce the problem.
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    is yuor mouse connexted USB or PS/2? if it is USB then the problem may be Win 2000 service pack 4 is out for Win 2000 and some of the prominent fixs addressed in SP4 are USB releated issues.

    even if it isnt USB service pack 4 may solve your problem.
  5. Scooter33

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    Thanks for the input. It's a wired mouse so that's not it - good thought though! I've scanned my system and not found any viruses but not added any new software either whihc is why I didn't think it was a software issue. I'll try letting it site to see if that's the issue. If I find the cause I'll post for FYI purposes.
  6. iss

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    it could be the mouse is defective. I have had two mice that gave me problems. the first turned out to be a problem with the left side (back) button getting stuck and eventually resulting in the mouse not working. a little cleaning with a toothpick solved that problem.

    the second was a problem just like yours, intermitent lockups caused by the mouse. ( did the same thing on other machines when I transfered the mouse to them). in that case the mouse was just plain toast and had to be replaced. fortunately it was still under warranty.

    both of those mice were optical ones.
  7. XtR-X

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    Get another mouse, borrow one from a friend that actually works.

    You know it's software when the other mouse doesn't work (yet you know it does).
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