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Mouse Drivers Colliding..?  help

Mar 30, 2004
  1. Mouse Drivers Colliding..??????? help

    Hello all,

    Little help please

    I had a MS optical mouse, and it started shutting off while playing Battlefield Vietnam, and if I unplugged it, sometimes system would freeze. So, tried to reinstall drivers and it said "could not access a file" which was in the windows/temp folder.

    So i said fine... I'll go buy another.

    Went to comp usa and got a logitech optical mouse. Came back and installed it, and seemed to work fine for a bit, then started having probs. Got a blue screen (windows protection screen).

    So the only thing I could do was revert my hard drive to a earlier state , which i did and now Im back to the MS Mouse.

    My question is; Can the 2 different drivers for the mouses (I didnt uninstall the MS mouse driver before installing Logitech mouse), collide with each other to cause a problem like I described above? And should I try and get rid of the ms mouse drivers before installing a different mouse?

    There is no way to remove it from add/remove program under control panel, all i can do is try and delete the driver from the device manager under Display Adapter.

    oh, and by the way... I did update my Ge Force 5700 ultra driver also that day since a new one came out 3-15 which was 56.64 nivida driver, but ive never had a problem updating my graphics card before, Ummmmmm but I did not uninstall the old 53.04 drivers first.<doh> So, what do you think.... Graphics or mouse drivers..??

    what do you think?




    Please refrain from excessive use of ...'s and ?'s in the future. This makes your post hard to read and will keep some people from responding.
    Thank you,
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  2. Liquidlen

    Liquidlen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,094

    You should always clean out old drivers especially core system elements like a vid card update and actual hardware change.
    In the case of a vid crd If I felt uncomfortable with an install I would uninstall the card revert to standard VGA and then install fresh when win recognizes at reboot.
    You can also get the files for the old mouse from driver detail page in Device Man ,Properties and clean them rigt out.
    P.S. It is a good idea to empty the recycle bin before you reboot.
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