Mouse Problem (jumping around)

By eskimojo ยท 65 replies
Jun 11, 2004
  1. OK here my problem
    for the last few weeks my mouse has started to jump around the screen getting worse the longer i stay on the computer.
    no matter what programs i'm running or if i'm on the net or not.
    and it gets to the stage where the mouse just goes completely CRAZY.

    i'v tried 2 different mice (with & without cable).
    i use Serial mouse port & USB port.
    i've updated the drivers.
    scand for virus (Norton).
    used Search & Destroy for spyware.
    and used trojans remover.
    i've clean the ball of the mouse and mouse mat.
    but i still have the same problem.

    it seems to start (i think) if i want to drag & drop or copy & past things. (but don't realy know if that i the reason it's playing up.........)
    also it seams that if i turn the PC off for a while (one hour) and come back it's not as bad, but then gets steadily worse.

    i'm using window XP pro.
    i have 2 hardrives (C) for the working of all windows programs
    & (D) for my mp3,pix and stuff.
    i've formated all hardrives.
    disconnected all printers, scaners ect.
    tried 2 different kinds of keyboards and mouse.
    tried it with & without the moden connected

    i took it to the local PC shop so they can have a look at the problem.
    and would you believe it they said they couldn't find anything wrong with the computer.
    which is true as i looked at the PC working in the shop and everything was working fine.
    but when i bring it back home.
    only connecting the moniter , keyboard & mouse.
    and with only installing the basic program to make windows work.
    it starts playing up again
    i've looked at old post and most people say update drivers, which i have done but i seam to do no good.
    i've used windows XP for about 2 years now, and this problem as only started in the last few weeks.

    i don't know if it anything i've picked up from the net or from emails.
    but all the virus and spyware/trojans remover say everythings OK

    can anyone help me with this
    as i just don't know what to do next
    and i feel i want to put the PC through the window
    PLEASE HELP............

  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    Welcome to TechSpot
    Your problem sounds like it is contained to your home environment. Is there any other electrical equipment placed near it, like a TV, or radio, or (unshielded) loudspeakers, or the little power supplies from router/speakers/mouse/printer etc?
    If so, move these away from your PC and/or monitor.
  3. eskimojo

    eskimojo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    MANY THNAKS for the replies again.
    this is what i did yesterday
    i unpugged everything hoover and cleaned all dusty areas plugged only the monitor, keyboard & mouse in, moved the monitor away from the tower and moved away any speakers, also made sure everything is earthed OK & also tried again a different monitor, mouse & keyboard.

    and quest WHAT !!

    i still have the same problem

    i know it's not the :
    as i tried different types.

    and i know it's not the :
    as i taken was away

    so now i stuck again
    back to the shop i think.
    but there it's work fine & the guy in the shop said it's hard to fix a problem he can't find (TRUE i know)

    i just diin't know where to go from here.
  4. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,572   +65

    Optical mice have problems with certain mousepads or mousing surfaces.

    Perhaps changing your USB mouse to a PS/2 mouse or vise versa may also solve the issue.
  5. Steve B

    Steve B TS Rookie Posts: 94

    My Bro's old clunker had a simlar prob after he put in a PCI graphic card. there was a conflict in drivers or something.

    I downloaded and installed a new driver for it for him, and it seemed to fix it. Changed anything recently?

    Try reinstalling the Video card driver, it can't hurt, and you can cross it
    off your list...

    GOOD LUCK:confused:
  6. Dj_Fisty

    Dj_Fisty TS Rookie

    Yo I'm Having About Same Problem

    this is what i can tell you
    before this cpu ( current amd 64 3200+ )
    and mobo (MSI Forgot vin)
    my mouse was fine
    now i got this weird glitch with mouse.
    old cpu was 1.33 ddr t-bird
    same power supply
    same hd's (scsi ultra 160)
    1 extra nic card
    new mouse
    old mouse does same
    What do u think to problem is
    starts at random but after it jumps it won't keep doing it but seems to me it does it alot is there a fix? r what i know many ppl have this prob.
  7. 4ever

    4ever TS Rookie

    I'm also having that very mouse problem. I don't think it's related to OS change. I've been using this machine for about 4 years and OS was upgraded from WIN98 to 2000 a few months ago. I've been having the mouse problem off and on for the past several months even before the OS was changed. Something is going on and I cannot pinpoint what it it.

    For now, when the problem starts, I just leave the mouse alone for a few secs and then touch it once, then after that the problem is gone for "awhile." Some times I would open up task Manager, wait a little bit, then I'm OK again. It's really frustrating. I'm surprised that not a whole lot of people on the net are complaining. We seem to be in the minority. :-(
  8. Dj_Fisty

    Dj_Fisty TS Rookie

    Still have same problem,

    I Forgot to add this piece of info.
    if my Fps Goes Above 300 sometimes mouse will just lock in a game
    no movment works untill game restarted
    but i have the drivers on this pc that i had on old pc so i really think it's the windows mouse driver. is there anyway to update the windows dircet mouse buffer
  9. johnkerr1954

    johnkerr1954 TS Rookie

    I have a similar problem

    I have the same problem, Mouse develops a mind of its own , moves all over the place, opens and closes files and programs, I tried all of the things you did to no avail.,

    Problem started two weeks after connection to Broadband. So I assumed a Virus, I have tested with EVERYTHING, no sign of a Virus, No Spyware, No Nothing,

    After 10 days Suddenly problem changes. When machine turned on all is OK No jumping Mouse, Machine just gets slower , Mouse gets sluggish and unresponsive, until it and the machine just stop, Then I have to reboot. Then the whole thing starts again
  10. colonel57106

    colonel57106 TS Rookie

    ya same here

    The mouse heads into the unknow, sometimes he comes back and sometimes not. :knock: didn't work either. Shutting down brings it back to normal. It starts I seem to run out of memory (I think). I was getting it after my daughter had been on the chat all night. Now it starts after being on line a while or after using the machine for a while. Time is a factor. On this screen it is hesitating the moving fast to catch up.
  11. Bundy

    Bundy TS Rookie


    i am having same problem, have been told could still be a virus but somehow virus has been written to the boot sector (bios) not the harddrive, still didn't help me much but maybe help someone to get this problem solved (hopefully)
  12. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    colonel and bundy,
    both please fill in your computer specs ('User Profile' on the top left of this page).
    Then tell us what OS, what mouse, their own drivers or the built-in mousedrivers from windows, etc....
  13. colonel57106

    colonel57106 TS Rookie


    I am using Windows XP PRO sony mouse same driver it came with. The mouse jumps when I am in Solitaire (and winning) or incredible mail and it is slow on this screen. It seems to be alright in a lot of other windows. Problem makes me think it is memory related like on having to change screens for solitaire. Thanks.
  14. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    I think a driver-update for your graphics-card (or integrated graphics) might solve your 'jumping'. Either look at the motherboard manufacturer's website or at Intel's website.
  15. Internet Clean

    Internet Clean TS Rookie

    Mouse twitching

    Seems like a mouse virus

    these are getting poplular

    trying installing the os to a new partition and see if the problem reoccurs
    at least this will tell you if its software or hardware related

    Internet Cleaning Tool
  16. halo71

    halo71 TS Rookie Posts: 1,090

    This may be dumb, but I have heard of people having this problem after they have bought the new laser wireless mice. I as well as my brother have them. He had the same problem using a conventional mouse pad. Putting the mouse on a magazine cover immediately corrected the jumping shaking problem.
  17. Bundy

    Bundy TS Rookie

    OS - Win XP Home Edition
    my computer has run fine for 12-16 months and jus started happening 2 months ago which i have re-formatted hard drive thinking it would clear any virus and updated any drivers i thought necessary problem still a problem getting very f***ed off thinking only thing to fix will be a short trip for it out the window
  18. puppetgrimm1

    puppetgrimm1 TS Rookie Posts: 50

    Iv'e also had a similar problem it turned out to be my cellphone or any metal device setting on the digital tablet it interfeared with the the pen making it jump around all over the screen.Maybe your problem?

    anyway hope this helps

  19. taski

    taski TS Rookie

    Same "mouse running amok" problem on my 'puter; of course it is old and its resources are over-exploited...

    I have several IRQ conflicts; could that be a part of the problem?

    I've uninstalled several programs, removed temporary files etc.. :knock:
    Last night I even defrag'ed the C drive. Next thing might be looking into those IRQ conflicts.. Need to study some first, I'm not very familiar with them :p

    E: ps. the mouse is veeery old classic logitech 3-pad..
    If I get the problem fixed, I'll notify it here.
  20. colonel57106

    colonel57106 TS Rookie


    I had a computer guy here this weekend and he told me way to little RAM.

    Shut down a lot of running in back ground and everything is fine. Having said that my daughter hasn't been home to start her IRQ yet. We will see.
  21. taski

    taski TS Rookie

    Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I'll add some RAM, too. Last weekend I installed a memory managing software, and it told that right after startup, I had only 20% RAM free... Way too little! Of course there's antivirus, fire wall etc. essential programs that must run all the time, but...

    An usual Windows problem: when it has been running for years, it slows down inevitably (and gets astable). The register files etc. keep on growing larger and more complex with every startup...

    I don't know yet if defrag did help at all; it took around midnight last night, and now I'm at work. If it didn't, next step will be that additional RAM. I will inform here, if I get the problem fixed ;)
  22. taski

    taski TS Rookie

    Good news (I hope)!!!!!

    Cannot be sure yet, but defrag seem to fix the mouse problem. After that C defrag, my wife worked with computer several hours - and it worked fine! :giddy:
    She used basicly only mouse, deleting old files on drive D. I suppose if the problem was there, it would have appeared.

    On earlier message I mentioned IRQ conflicts; obviously I was wrong. I checked everything last night, and there were NO conflicts at all. In theory, it is possible that system was so f****d up that it reported conflicts even when there wasn't any. What's more likely, I was mistaken. :eek:
    Anyway, tonight I'll add some RAM, and hope that the :evil: machine works for awhile.

    SUMMA SUMMARUM, things that seem to fix it:
    - disabling unnecessary programs from startup
    - cleanig disk caches (all temporary files + trash can)
    - defragmenting system disk C:

    ..but that was for this case; looking back this thread, it seems that similar sympoms could be caused by several different problems. I don't know. :confused:
  23. Balthasar

    Balthasar TS Rookie

    I have the same problem.

    After a random amount of computing, my mouse will suddenly lock up/right click itself/goto start bar/select only one window etc...
    Also, my keybaord will have the same error after awhile, where it will spit out a letter all by itself.

    I am pretty experienced with computers (built 7 machines myself) and I believe the issue is a hardware malfunction. It is most likely caused by a bad componant on the motherboard PCB which was damaged by either electrical current, moisture, or damaged circuitry.

    My conclusion would explain why this occurance is so unexplainable and un-fixable. What makes matters worse however is that the problem could have been caused by mishandling, the motherboard itself, or any bad componanat connected to the motherboard (eg. overvolting from pci bus/faulty monitor).

    The funds required to find the root of the problem is usually far beyond that of buying a new computer sadly. The reason being, you must test new componants one at a time in different combinations, each time damaging the new part when the bad part is not discovered.

    Basically if you have this problem you are screwed. Good luck, and have a nice day. :dead:
  24. taski

    taski TS Rookie

    Balthasar, I suppose you're right... After a few days that the machine worked fine, the problem reappeared yesterday. So, on the bottom line, it seems that we unlucky bastards should just walk to a store and buy a new computer... And for the old one, the right drug is just :knock: :knock: :knock:
  25. Hello eskimojo
    At least i think this is your thread(seems like it will be logged into the archive for all to relish)

    I have a logitech mx1000 laser mouse.
    About 3 months It started the same thing.
    This was due to me droping the mouse in the dogs
    water bowl, and being to lazy to dry it out.
    I bought another one and it's fine

    In the past the problem has always been due to
    a device conflict, either IRQ or video.
    Hope this helped

    I got to say one thing about the mx1000 laser mouse

    Truley you get what you pay for, at almost $100
    I can and have slammed, kicked,punched, and even jumped up
    and down on it. There are literaly holes in my wall(were ,I patched)
    that you could fit the mouse into,
    and this thing doesn't even have a loose screw,
    still tight as heck, no scratches
    or cracks, buttons all fine.

    Very few items in the pc world can withstand my (i'll just by another one)
    I would say this is the best mouse ever made.

    Sorry I just had to get that off my back :monkey: :monkey: :monkey: with all this mouse talk

    let us know either way
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