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Aug 7, 2007
  1. Week ago I have experienced serious mouse problem. First it has begun to behave strange. Mouse pointer has started to stop from time to time and then it has started to move without my steering. Then it has started to open different windows by itself and finally it has stopped to work. I have succeeded to return it in life with a System File Checker with command sfc /scannow and for some period it has continued to work properly but from time to time it would behave in the same manner and after few days it has stopped functioning. I have tried to reinstall windows and mouse would work properly few hours and then it would stop. I have suspected that I have caught virus on the internet and I have formatted whole partition and have installed new windows but it has happened the same thing. After that I have tried to delete partition C and create new one but instead partition system deleted whole disk and I have lost my data on partition D and I have the same problem with mouse. Several times I have succeeded to recover mouse by clearing CMOS/BIOS but it was for short time and after installation I have experienced the same problem which I have now. I have noticed that also other people have got the same problem. If someone has resolved this kind of mouse problem please tell me what I have to do.
  2. Cinders

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    It sounds like you have a trojan and a hacker on the other end controlling it. You may want to disconnect the computer fron the internet/LAN and repartition/reformat/reinstall. Before you connect back to the internet/LAN make sure you have a firewall up and running. It sounds like you have a few networked computers that are infecting each other with the trojan. you may need to disconnect those computers from the LAN and use a malware cleaner like Spybot Search & Destroy to look for naughty programs.
  3. davoruff

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    Thank you Cinders for your advice. I'll trie to do that. But at the moment while I am writting to you I have experianced the same problem even if I have formated whole my PC. It's true that I have got second PC connected and ICS configured so both PCs can access the internet.
  4. Cinders

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    If you have P2P software like Limewire or eMule or whatever you should get rid of that program and any of the files you have downloaded with it. AVG is a good antiviral program that will help defend your computer from viruses and other nasty stuff and best of all it's free. ZoneAlarm is a good free firewall. Use the link at the bottom of the linked page.
  5. davoruff

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    I don't have any programs like Limewire or eMule. I downloaded AVG basic edition and I'll try it, and regarding to ZoneAlarm as Firewall, I have got it but I have problem to set it up for ICS. When I have installed it the second PC haven’t got the internet access. I have followed instruction but it was unsuccessfully, Internet explorer hadn't got the internet access.
    My mouse again started to block from time to time.
  6. AlbertLionheart

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    I know this may sound daft, but have you a) tried the mouse on the other PC and b) tried a different mouse on this PC?
    Have you got the 'snap to' option enabled? (Pointer options in mouse settings on the control panel)
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