mouse speed problem

By osirisomeomi
Aug 16, 2006
  1. I have a weird problem.

    I have a toshiba satellite m40 laptop, and wanted to replace my (kinda broken) mouse with a new one. My old mouse is a Microsoft notebook optical mouse (model 1020), and it worked fine but the wheel got all gummed up so it needed to get replaced. I went and bought a nexxtech laser mouse with retractable cord (model 2616542, i think), and plugged it in. The mouse speed went totally crazy, going about a dozen times as fast as my touchpad or my old mouse. Went into the mouse settings in the control panel, no dice, nothing worked. If i slow my mouse down to a reasonable speed, my touchpad slows to a crawl. It came with a driver (supposed to be installed only under windows 98), but eventually i tried installing that too, didn't work. If i slow the mouse down, can't use touchpad, and if i speed it up, can't use mouse. With my old mouse back in, it works fine. Any ideas on how to get the new mouse acting sane?
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    Are you sure you only were given drivers for 98? With my logitech mouse there was a connectivity suite that can be used to adjust setting ONLY for the attached mouse. Give another look at the CD to see if there is something else.

    I know this works because my wireless mouse is much faster than my USB mouse, and that is even faster than my touchpad.
  3. I've never had to deal w/ the mice on a laptop before, so I may be wrong. But the drivers may have caused an enormous acceleration driver for your mouse; have you tried using the mouse w/ the default Windows drivers? I personally use a Logitech MediaPlay optical, and when I install the drivers for it the sensitivity gets way out of whack. When I uninstalled them, it returned to the original speed/acceleration. Just try it w/ the default ones.
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