By nino
Nov 14, 2004
  1. In my computer I have Win98 and Win2000. When I use Win2000, I can use the mouse, however, when I use Win98, there's no movement or any sign regarding the mouse.

    I don't have a clue what's happening. Before, the mouse was ok with both operating systems. Actually I try to re-install Win98, but without a mouse it is almost impossible.

    I do appreciate with any help in this regard.

    By taking this opportunity, in Win98, the SCANDISK or DEFRAG is not working properly. It takes forever to run, but still without any result.

    Any suggestions will be much appreciated.
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    If your mouse is a USB-mouse, it won't work under W98. W98SE "might" work, if you load proper USB-drivers for it. Use a USB-PS/2 adapter instead, if you have one, W2000 works with both. To install W98, you need a PS/2 mouse to start with, until you get a chance to load USB-support. Also remember, that W98 MUST be installed as the first operating system on your C-drive, before you install W2K. W2K can sit on any partition you like.
    You also may need to check any mouse and/or USB setting in your BIOS.

    If it is a PS/2 mouse, in W98 uninstall any specific mouse-drivers and use the standard micro$oft driver. Once that is going, re-install the proper mouse-driver.

    It would help everyone if you also fill in your PC-specs under "", top left an any page. If you have W2000, why would you still want W98?
    A bit more info is needed on Scandisk and Defrag.
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