moved HD, broke windows

By tymk
Jul 15, 2004
  1. Not sure where to start...

    Had: hp pavilion, pII 400 MHz, ata100 pci card, ata66 9Gb hd, ata100 30Gb hd, soundblaster pci, isa modem, dsl connection through usb, printer, matrox dual head 4X asg, CD-RW, CDR, floppy.

    Win2k on 30Gb, Red Hat Linux on 9Gb, GREB to select OS boot.

    Friend gave me old PIII 1 GHz w/MoBo. I jumped into it, Tore apart system... Installed new MoBo, Matrox Vid Card, CD-RW, Both HDs (to MoBo, not ata100 pci Card), soundcard. Had lots of probs booting. Booted back up on old Mobo to get windows started, ran W2k setup to upgrade windows, shut down on reboot, put in new MoBo configged as above and booted.

    Get to GREB to select OS without probs, can start linux.
    Windows does strange things, used to load up but sluggish and always trying to install hardware - wanting me to insert Easy CD DVD Creator 6 disk to run the installation MSI (not sure I have this CD lying around... installed it, didn't use it, uninstalled it) . When I could actually get to the Device manager, had a warning on "Other PCI device" and could not find suitable driver, uninstalled, but windows kept putting it back on restarts. Also, would get DUN not installed or not found errors on boot. Lost network connection for dsl connection. Drives were hd0=C, hd1=d, cd0=e, cd1=f. Now hd0 = C, hd1 = f, cd0 = d.

    booted to w2k setup from CD, when configuring com+ components, asked for easy cd dvd creator 6 cd again to install new hardware?? made it through setup, reboot, starting windows 2000 (goes slowly), setting up network connections, then blue screen with a pointer. Keyboard disabled, pointer moves.

    I don't have anything important on the linux install, so if I have to, I can reformat and install windows there, then copy over data from the other windows installation... but I would like to just recover what I already have.

    Any advice?

  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    Windows will detect all changes in your hardware. Even if you move a device to another PCI slot it will be detected as "new". Not to mention swapping out a mobo.

    Boot up your Windows, remove all hardware devices in Device Manager, reboot and let it redetect/reinstall everything. (This is what you should have done before changing the mobo and rest.)
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