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Oct 24, 2005
  1. I tried to follow the instructions to remove this thing, but some of the programs are only compatable with windows 2000 and above. My computer is on windows 98. can't change this because its a work computer.

    Please help! :(
  2. RealBlackStuff

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  3. salpeezy

    salpeezy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I tried this....

    Thank you for responding, the only problem is when I get to downloading Ewido My PC is not updated enough to use this, so I stopped in fear that I need that program to not completely destroy my PC. Is this the case?

  4. RealBlackStuff

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  5. salpeezy

    salpeezy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for your help

    this really helped me out.
  6. Tom Carlisle

    Tom Carlisle TS Rookie

    No more Movieland?

    Hmmm...were you actually able to get rid of this *$#*&@% program? I have so far been unsuccessful. As an aside, there is another website with the same or similar name which is going to great pains to distinguish itself from the unscrupulous one; even so far as to ask for more information from me so as to help fight it.
  7. supastarr20

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    Sticking it to

    Hey Everyone,

    I also got sucked in by the monster we know as Movieland. There is a way to outsmart them, though. Ignore the pop-up; any path you choose leads you to a payment method. Go directly to their site

    I'm not sure if I can take the credit for this, but I jumped through hoops to get this removed. You see, before you had to go to their customer service page, click to contact them. Then several options (or reasons) to contact them appeared. If you clicked any of them referencing stopping payments or cancelling the software, they lead you to the payment screen. If, however, you clicked on contacting them for another reason, you got to type your reason. Well, somehow they were set up to recognize the word "cancel" when processing your form and offered a "one-time free cancellation" by clicking another link. It's there, but you had to look. Long story short, I just ended up doing a system restore -- never knowing if clicking the button really would remove it and tired of waiting.

    The whole point of my story is this: I was so peeved about their rip-off software that I contacted the FTC to file a complaint. The FTC called me and asked me what happened. They also said that because of my complaint, they were launching an investigation. This is why I honestly believe that when you click on customer service page it automatically brings you to the cancel page.

    Woo-hoo! Gotta love sticking it to scam artists!
  8. Tom Carlisle

    Tom Carlisle TS Rookie

    Movieland scam

    Not sophisticated in the ways of computers, it took me several hours to go through the process(es) of deleting this insidious ripoff. I'd like to support any complaints to the FTC. Let me know where to sign.
  9. supastarr20

    supastarr20 TS Rookie

    File a complaint with the FTC$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01
  10. hwilliams

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    Movieland Removed !!!!

    I got hijacked by the silly movieland popup and I googled it and this website came up.

    with its help, i dug around and this is how I got rid of it:

    under the c drive, I went to programs and found the media pipe directory (emptied and deleted it) and also found the directory altpayv2.??? (emptied and deleted it)

    Reboot, and....

    Success !!!!!

    I'm going to post this in some of the other forums as well.
    take care
  11. ihatemovieland

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    Movieland 666

    I clicked on that link to their customer service and ran the uninstall program. It told me movieland was successfully removed and I won't receive anymore reminders. I'm yet to get another reminder so I hope the devil is gone. I honestly think movieland is run by Satan. I'm afraid that when I die instead of going to hell God will punish me by giving me a laptop with unremovable movieland and nothing else to do. That would really suck. Good luck everyone!
  12. OZZY

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    Movieland gone bye bye.....

    OK I have read this site and another one. I tried several things from here but it never worked.

    I found Media Pipe and removed it and I searched for altpayv2.* and found nothing.

    So i did some searching on my own.... this is what I found so far.

    I started up Task Manager and found "itbill.exe" and deleted it.

    I searched for "ITBILL directory". Could not delete so then ......
    right clicked on the "ITBILL" directory
    selected "sharing" from the top
    selected the radio button for "share this folder"
    selected the "permission" button
    make sure "everyone" is slected at the top then select "full control", "change" and "read"
    click on "apply" (bottom) and then "ok"
    repeat if necessary
    Now you can delete the folder "ITBILL". Also make sure you cna delete it from your recycle bin too!!!!

    As a back up to this, I created a false hotmail account and tried the "I'll pay" route in order to be able to send an email to the customer service. I ask them to cancel my subscription. So if I do get 1000 spam emails that account will get them and after 30 day the hotmail account will be made idle.

    So far no movieland pop up payment window. :angel:
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