Moving Files from XP to XP

By Jay Peterman
Aug 22, 2004
  1. Daaammn! I thought this wouldn't be difficult, but I was wrong. Started out by hooking a crossover cable between ethernet ports without much luck. Then decided to network the two together. Used the Files & Transfer Wizard on both machines. Still struggled. Kept getting the message that the host couldn't be found, and to check with the administrator. Finally, after hours of screwing with the task at hand, I could see both computers were recognized by the other. Started transferring documents from client to host, going great, but kept getting hung up on the same file, or part of a file, and wouldn't transfer it. Now I had to find out why this was happening, and somewhere in the midst of looking for this problem, I've lost my internet connection to the client computer. Somehow it appears I've lost a driver to the ethernet card or something. I was so close too. Is it possible I've deleted a driver while messing with the network setup? If so, how do I fix this with no internet connection of this computer? Is it time for a service tech?
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    Check that both PCs are in the same WORKGROUP.
    If you only COPIED files, you would not delete anything, but if you MOVED files, you may be in trouble.
    Try pinging the other PC from each one.
    Open a Command session and type in:
    ping or whatever you used for IP-address.
    If you get a time-out, you may have to reset the IP-addresses such as: subnet and subnet

    Check that file-sharing is installed.
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    Thanks for your timely reply. It seems the bridge that networked these two computers together needed repaired. Can't imagine why, since I had been using them this way before. But that did the trick. Have even transferred all of My Documents. I've learned alot this weekend.
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