Moving from Windows Server NT to Windows Server 2003

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Mar 8, 2006
  1. Well we're finally upgrading our server from Windows NT to Windows 2003. Is there any way to import/export all of my data onto the new server? Or should I just share everything I have on NT and then just copy/cut all the information and paste it onto 2003? I'm just trying to figure out what will be the easiest way to move everything since I have about 700 users on NT lol. I really don't want to type all the names in again on 2003....Thanks in advance! :approve:
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    I'm not upgrading my current server. We bought a brand new Dell PowerEdge 1800 with Server 2003 and I'd like to import all the users from my old NT Server...
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    Ouch.. That's trouble :)

    Is your current server a domain controller? If yes, then that's what I'd do:
    Upgrade the current NT server to 2003.
    Install the new server as another domain controller for the same domain and synchronise the two.
    Kill the old server.
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    ^What's a domain controller? The domain on my windows nt server was "school_lab".....Is there any kind of export/import feature so that I don't have to type in 600 usernames/passwords onto my 2003 server?
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