Moving Hard Drive From Old To New Computer

By dmcrme ยท 5 replies
Sep 22, 2007
  1. I can only get to safe modes screen and no choices on that window will work, cannot get to windows logon screen. Bios sees hdd. need help!
  2. Daveskater

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    Hello, dmcrme, and welcome to Techspot :wave:

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    With regards to your problem, are you using the old hard drive as your new main one or have you put it in as a secondary drive?
  3. nickc

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    that was the first question I was going to ask and say u will have to format it if u want it to be the system drive with Windows, or at least do a repair on the drive to make it bootable.
  4. dmcrme

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    Thanks...everybody I got it

    Thanks for your help...all is good now.
  5. Daveskater

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    glad to hear you got it sorted :)

    just for future reference, how did you fix it? :)
  6. Tedster

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    You cannot reuse windows on 1 system in another. Not only illegal but windows configures itself for each computer it is loaded on.
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