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Jan 1, 2006
  1. Does anybody have problems installing Macromedia Flash Player when in Firefox? I've tried on and off for a few weeks now to download/install, and no matter what I do -- and there's really nothing other than clicking on Next and accepting Macromedia's agreement -- it just does not install. Firefox may be good, but there are a couple of things that just don't run on it and we're forced to use IE. Thanks for any info! :eek:
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    Do you have admin rights?
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    Au071: I am the sole user of a home computer so I do have admin rights.

    Peddant: Thanks for the link to the download site. You ask if Firefox is my default browser. Uhm... not quite sure what you mean by this. I have installed on my 'puter both IE and Firefox. When I go out to the Internet, I click on the icon of whichever browser I want to use. So I guess I have two default browsers, depending on what I open?
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    Re default browser-Assuming you have the latest version(1.5) Open Firefox,go to tools/options/general and check the box "Firefox should check......." then click "check now" click "Yes" when/if it asks.Then go to the link in my first post and choose the XPI install(half way down page)When you do that you should see a warning at top of page.Click "Edit options",and add that site to the "allow" list.Then,click the XPI install again and follow the instructions.Restart Firefox to finish install.It`s a lot simpler than I`m making it sound.Possibly.
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