MP3-DirectCut Operations

By WindsurferLA
Aug 12, 2005
  1. MP3-DirectCut

    MP3DirectCut is a simple program for generating MP3 files from an analog audio stream. It also has the capability to automatically sense quiet gaps in the audio stream and place cue marks at those gaps. One can then use another feature of the program to automatically break a the long MP3 file into several smaller MP3 files with the break points being the previously place cue marks.

    I've found that generally the pause detection tool works quite well, but it is not perfect. Can someone tell me how to manually remove one of the cue marks generated by the pause detection toom of MP3DiectCut? How do you remove all of the cue marks without closing the file and restarting from scratch?

    Is a more detailed operating manual posted anywhere on the web? The manual that is supplied with Version 2 is good, but it doesn't cover many things.
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