MP3 player headache

By seraphina
Feb 3, 2005
  1. I have a Creative Rhomba Mp3 player, which has been working fine for about a year now-- but for some reason I'm unable to play music that I've legitimately downloaded from mp3 pay sites. The tracks are in wma format, but I've checked and the player is compatible. Also, the licence for the tracks allows for them to be transferred to portable devices. The tracks can be moved over to the player, but it just skips straight over them. This is probably a very basic issue, but I can't work it out. Any suggestions?
  2. kris_h

    kris_h TS Rookie

    It's probably because of the licensing...

    Do unlicenced audio tracks still play properly? If so, the licenced ones might not play correctly because they are encrypted? or the player doesn't like anything that is licenced. You could try converting them to MP3 format using a program like DBPowerAMP converter.
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