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Dec 1, 2005
  1. well, i have a sandisk mp3 player. when i listen to music, in places where theres a lot of people spekaing i like to crank the volume up by a lot, see the thing is that when i go to max volume it isnt that loud, and i see other people with mp3s who goes super loud, i can hear all their music. so is there something wrong with my mp3's volume or the volume depends on the type of file there is? Is it the file that controls the volume? answer wud be appreciated
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    Theres multiple possibilities for lack of volume. It's possible your MP3's are encoded with quieter than normal audio streams, but unless you've encoded them yourself or got all your mp3's from a friend, its not likely the case. I'm not familiar with the Sandisk mp3 player, but its also possible its sending out a weak signal which would cause low volume. Also, your headset (speakers) could be cheap and not capable of delivering loud audio. I'd say try testing your player on some amplified speakers (like your computer speakers if they need power) and see if the volume still sucks. If it does then in all likelyhood its the Sandisk player.
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    well, theres hope it might be the headphones, b/c i just plugged the mp3 to my speakers, i turned the speakers to max and the mp3 to low, it was low, but then i turned them both to max and my mom heard it on the 2nd floor of the house, lol (got yelled at) so its most likely its the ear phones im currently using? if so what kind of earphones do you recomend i buy?(i like ear buds, smaller and teacher doesnt notice when am listening to music in class) think is the earphones that make the max not sound loud enough? cuz the arphones that came with the player also didnt play it as loud as my speakers, and the other one i bought (were only 3 bucks) played the same. so u sure its earphones? by the way i get my mp3 files from limewire and am not sure what encoding means, lol, mind explaining to a noobie?
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    encoding is just a way to make a file smaller but keep good quality. Like the music on a CD can take up 700 MB, but the same music in mp3 only takes up 70 MB.

    There's no way to guarrrantee that new headphones will help. I don't know of any earbud phones that are amplified. (doesn't mean they don't exist) However thats where I'd start. Just pick up a pair at a store with a good return policy and if they don't work, take them back.
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    how about earbuds that have volume control, those wud help, only way i can find to double up the volume, do those exist?
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    sounds like you may need a headphone amp alright. Course the other solution would just be to get used to it. I mean, your ears ought to adjust to it after it a few weeks. Or at least thats how I adjusted to using low volume levels; less damaging to your ears to. & to think others around me I can often hear what they are listening to while playing my own stuff, uggh.
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