MS May cripple Office .NET unless users pay

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Apr 11, 2002
  1. Just noticed this over at

    This makes the web services model even more valuable to MS...
  2. boeingfixer

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    I have a question for you Lokum, or anyone who knows. What exactally does .NET do for me ? I know its part of XP and Win Messenger but what is it, what would I use it for ??
  3. lokem

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  4. PHATMAN5050

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    frankly, im tired of hearing the hype about microsoft's ways to get more money from us. I was once told that winxp would be by subscription to drastically reduce the amount of illegal installs and sharing of the operating system. Nobody will upgrade their version of office because they will not want to have to deal with the monthly bill that arrives at their door, and they wont want to have to file it with the water bill, heating bill, air conditioning, electric, car payments and so on for it to be paid.
  5. boeingfixer

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    You know, I remember that too, they where suppose to charge a small amount lets say $30 and every year you would renew your license. What happened there. I also just read an article in PC World about MS XP Family license where you could buy one copy of XP and be allowed to install it on several home computers. Only two problems are, MS ran out of them in the first month of launch, and two, it's only like $10-20 cheaper than buying a full XP anyway, you had to pay for EACH license. I have a few friends who refuse to buy XP because they can't install it on ALL their comuters.
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    I don't see why they can't install XP on ALL their comps. It's only the reactivation that's causing the problem rite? Of coz, installing multiple instances using one copy of any Windows software is illegal...
  7. boeingfixer

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    You got it Lokum, they don't want to buy a copy for each computer and I won't support it if they by-pass activation. I have a person now who has problems with his XP because it is a "borrowed" copy and told him I wasn't going to help if it's not a legal copy. It is to much of a liability for everyone. What's funny is this person has enough money to buy a copy (several infact) and refuses to. I can't stand it when people will spend lots of money for a killer system then won't pay for the OS. Ohh well.....I won't support it then.

    As a side note, I love when I build a system for someone, then they load some program that screws up their system and I get a call cause it's my fault their system doesn't work anymore. Those are always interesting. Thank God I don't make a living at it !!
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    I guess pple still can't get into thinking that software itself can be more expensive than the hardware most of the time {g} There's always Linux... (I guess I'd better say it since there'll be lots to come :D)

    Tech support sure is interesting :D Perhaps exposing yerself to those situation will increase patience and self control :D
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    I have often told my wife that anyone I build a computer for should have to take a test. If they don't pass, then I won't build one for them. It would save me alot of lets say "less than intelligent" phone "How do I turn this on" or "I installed this, now what" or "What do I install to get the internet". The best on was the guy who wouldn't buy XP. He called and wanted to know how to get Netscape. I said, go online and download it, "But how, I don't have Netscape installed, how do I download it"...use IE, I say. But how do I get on the internet. So after a long explaination and e-mail with details on how to get dial up, ( mind you, he had Earthlink already) he called back and said..."I had to install MSN because it was the only way to get online (I konw it wasn't) then I get the BEST question....."Uhhh since I now have MSN and they asked me for some personnal stuff, am I going to get caught/charged for not paying for XP?? " was all I could do not to laugh and just say " why yes they will probably call you soon and ask for their $200 for the XP you didn't purchase...."

    Yes Tech support is a patiance builder.... ;)
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