MS Windows XP will not recognize my password!

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Sep 7, 2007
  1. Hi, I am the new kid on this block and frankly LOST!
    I have had Windows XP Pro on my Toshiba Tablet Laptop for about two years with the same password. Since about 24 hours ago after I rebooted I am locked out because it won't recognize my password. I have even tried my Administrator's password (I am traveling in Asia and he is in Canada) but in vain.

    HELP! Anybody?

  2. AlbertLionheart

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    I presume this is the windows p/w and not the system p/w on boot.
    I am sorry to say that I think this may be the beginnings of drive failure. If you have not changed the p/w there not a lot more it can be. I presume it will not boot into safe mode?
  3. glocal

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    Thanks ... but no thanks!

    Albert Lionheart,

    Thanks for your diagnosis but you sound like one of Job's comforters (in the Bible). How about some lionhearted enCouragement and actual solutions?


    Still desperate,
  4. AlbertLionheart

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  5. raybay

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    This seems to be the start of something big. Perhaps some sort of infestation is causing the damage by entering arbitrary digits, or machine language, which replace the password with code that will not respond to password generation tools or other attempts.
    We have now had a number of clients with similar password problems. Here is what we find in the cases with our clients:
    Most often Sony VAIO owners... both laptops and desktops. All expensive. All built in past three years. But also Dell Inspirons, Compaq Presario laptops, and a few others.
    Nearly all have Windows Media Center machines (at least 70 percent). Most are expensive, very fancy machines.
    All of our clients had either Symantec Norton or McAfee security suites installed by downloads, usually as upgrades to previous versions of Norton.
    All had been leaving their computers on for long periods of time, including times in hibernation.
    Nearly all users had received a security evaluation of some sort that nobody quite remembers, suggesting they consider using a password to make their system more secure.
    All had their systems ruined, except those lucky enough to have a computer for which passwords could be removed by various hardware means.

    We have been in this business for a long time. We service primarily business owners, with "fleets" of employees carrying laptops, elderly, handicapped and medical patients (which might imply bad judgment or inattention), and normal home users who do not use their computers for downloading risking files, porn, etc, but who do download images.
    We would be very curious to learn what other technicians are finding with password problems. Is this an epidemic caused by malware? Or is it just coincidence which seems more common because newer machines do not offer the ability to correct password issues by removing the CMOS battery for a day, or other old tricks.
    As for this poster, Glocal, I have no solution for you, as it is likely the motherboards are typical of what are found in other machines since there are now ownly seven makers of laptop motherboards left in the world.
    You might try the routine tricks that sometimes work, such as removing the CMOS battery (which may be soldered in), and read the many, many postings found elsewhere on this forum.
    If you have any luck, please let us know.
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