Productivity ms word and text attachments? in email not attached?

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Hello all-
I have just gotten ms office 2003 on my computer - i am familiar with ms word, but i think this newer version did something annoying: i wanted to email a set of info from home to work email. i have these in text files. i uploaded these as attachments to an email. when i opened the email, ALL the text from the text files was IN the email, with NO text file attachments.

i also had ONE ms office document ".doc" attached, and it acted like it should: just attached to the email.

is this text file thing something that ms word 2003 does on purpose? i have never had this happen before with my web-based email acct.

how can i turn off this function?


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It might be something your work is doing. I have sent .txt documents fine before. I would ask your IT department how they have it setup.
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