MS Works won't open or GO AWAY!

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Jun 14, 2005
  1. I have MS Works 6.0 (doesn't!) installed. I can't get rid of it, or Set up Launcher, or Picture it, or Microsoft Works Suite Add-in For Word. The error message says:cannot find files, may be deleted or corrupted - try re-installin Works and try again. Tried this several times but can't re-install as I get the same message, and can't even open Works as I get the same message. Everytime I reboot, or start my computer, I get an error saying the same thing as Works must be trying to start. I would just like to completely eradicate all traces of this program! Please let me know if anyone has any experience with this. Many thanks, ladiz.
  2. RealBlackStuff

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  3. ladiz

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    Thanks, realblack, I did read that one before I posted. I could try that file, but I am not specific on which files are lost. In the meantime I downloaded Windows install cleanup to try to eradicate wrong registry files, but didn't work. What about just deleting program files from hard disk?
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    There should be an (un)install.log in the Works directory or related directories.
    That'll indicate what was put on. Delete whatever you can find, and check the registry as well for any Works-releted entries to delete. It's tedious, but should work.
    If it still fails, re-install the app once more (on a sort-of-clean PC), check for that log just in case, then uninstall Works straight away.
  5. ladiz

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    Yes, deleting registry entries would probably be good. A bit of guidance would be good here... This is a bit new to me. Willing to give it a go but I might need a bit of help with the correct procedure. Ladiz.
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    Before you do anything in the Registry, go to Start -> Run and type regedt32
    Once thats open, click on my computer (in regedt32) and go to File -> Export.

    That will save a copy of your registry just incase you really screw things up.

    After that go to Edit -> Find and type in "Works" without the quotes. Then just take a look at the keys that come up, if it looks like its MS Works, then right click and delete. Do that until they are all gone.
  7. ladiz

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    Many thanks SNGX - I will follow your instructions (I want to set aside a bit of uninterrupted time for this!). In the meantime I downloaded CCCleaner and TWEAKIT Regedit. Are these programs OK? I ran them (not deleting anything yet) and found about 250 items to deleate (in each case). I am amazed to find so many files to delete as I have only had this computer for a couple of months. Is it OK to delete all the files marked as "safe". Could they be needed in the future or are they truly redundant? In any case the Works enties show up clearly so I will delete them first.
  8. RealBlackStuff

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    As long as you have the backup of the registry, you should be fine.

    Be careful where you get CCleaner (with 2 C's!!!) from.
    The correct one for Crap Cleaner is: (with 3 C's) is a rogue malware site, be warned!

    Don't know the Tweakit program.
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