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MSI 645 Combo!!??!!

By MaxWalker · 10 replies
Mar 15, 2006
  1. Hello!

    I'm having quite big problems with this mobo... or at least i think so. :D

    my computer:
    MSI 645 Combo
    2,4Ghz Intel Celeron
    Radeon 9700 128mb (omega 3.8.221 drivers)
    SB Live!
    512mb Kingston pc2700 (2x256mb)
    Win XP with dx 9.0c

    I got from 3DMark2001SE 7009 points?!? I think it should be much better... Or at least my friend is getting better result with similiar machine he's results are somewhere around 10000!

    And when playind NFS Most Wanted, it gives around 20fps... and my friend has something between 30-50?!?

    I know my computer is not a state of art anymore, but if there is somebody who has had similiar problems and even solved those, i would really preciate some help.

    Anyway I've come up with this idea that my mobo is the reason for lack of performance and i'm not sure is it because it's really bad mobo or is there something that i've done wrong in mobo. If there is some more info you want to know, just ask.

    (Oh... my friend machine has 768mb memory, radeon 9700 128mb, processor is (if i remember correctly) amd xp 1800+(1,5g) and he has some msi mobo.)

    Sorry if my english is not wery good... i really hope there is somebody who can help me.
  2. SOcRatEs

    SOcRatEs TechSpot Paladin Posts: 966

    Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

    The only thing your two systems have in common are the video cards.
    Celerons are (imo) diet P4's and are easily out performed not really intended
    for gaming.

    I think you'd find a boost by improving your CPU. Going to a P4 2.0ghz fsb 533mhz
    would out run a celeron 2.4 any day. Ram does seem to give a big boost too.
    I think you are running a i645 chipset which tells me your MoBo is fsb 400mhz,
    if this board supports 533 too then you have room to upgrade successfuly.

  3. MaxWalker

    MaxWalker TS Rookie Topic Starter

    celeron 2,4g and amd xp 1800+ are equal in performance if you look some tests... and he got somewhere around 10000 points with 512mb memory too.

    in sandra my 2,4g celeron gets: alu 6471mips and whetstone 3213mflops
    and xp 1800+ gets: alu 6370mips and whetstone 2426mfolps so actually my processor is a bit better.
  4. SOcRatEs

    SOcRatEs TechSpot Paladin Posts: 966

    I understand that, what I'm getting at is the 20fps you are getting now.
    Regaurdless of any other system or benchie.

    Maybe I should just ask this;
    How is the game playing experience for you on your system?
  5. MaxWalker

    MaxWalker TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well i've been playing with this assembly for about 1 year. Nfs most wanted is first game where performance starts to be bad... I think it should not be so bad with my computer. I have recogniced lack of performance all the time and i've been searching for solution but nothing have been found.

    My friends have been saying that performance should be better. This is the first time i started to ask in forum, if somebody can help me with this problem. Maybe the only solution is to buy new mobo, processor or something like that but i'm hoping there is cheaper way to get my computer working well.

    And for previos question: I actually did read it little wrong...
    MSI 645 Combo: http://www.msi.com.tw/program/products/mainboard/mbd/pro_mbd_detail.php?UID=404
    There is somekind of support for 533 processor, but I don't know how it works. in "cpu support" it says no for all 533 processors but in specs it says there is support...
  6. SOcRatEs

    SOcRatEs TechSpot Paladin Posts: 966

    Supports 400MHz FSB, can be auto negotiated to 533MHz through BIOS for better system

    This means fsb400mhz but overclockable up to 533mhz.
    You'd be looking at a MoBO & cpu for upgrade but could be quite
    surprised at how much a P4 @ fsb 400mhz cpu would do.
    This would do quite well
    P4 2.4 northwood

    I sell alot of these, I'm also sure you could sell the celeron too.
  7. MaxWalker

    MaxWalker TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes, i can imagine it would be good. anyway i'm still interested if there is some other solution than upgrading. like bios settings or drivers...
  8. SOcRatEs

    SOcRatEs TechSpot Paladin Posts: 966

    You can go to the SIS website for the latest MoBo drivers.
    You can learn more about tweaking/OC'ing fsb from 400mhz to
    higher fsb.
    Quality of ram will determine how successful you will be.
    Locking your agp/pci to 66/33, (if your board supports it).
    Knowing how to bump cpu voltage to stablize higher fsb.
    Lossening the ram timmings to further stablize your system.
    A good PSU & cooling is a must.
    Most of all be sure you understand clearly the risks and how to's
    before OC'ing.
    I'v heard that Celerons are known to OC pretty well.
    Read through this section Cooling & Modding and when you have
    more questions, maybe start a new thread there. They've helped me immensly with my OC....
  9. MaxWalker

    MaxWalker TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well att the moment i have Gigabyte 3D Rocket Pro cooler in processor, couple of system fans and i have in radeon 9700 arctic cooling vga silencer rev. 3. too. :)

    Cooling should be in good shape (or is it?) and i've allready given some toughts for OC, but haven't yet tryed it. There is allways little risk on OC to do some damage to machine so i haven't yet got guts for doing that.
  10. MaxWalker

    MaxWalker TS Rookie Topic Starter

    By the way here are my bios settings:

    Advanced Bios Features:
    Quick Boot: Enabled
    Full Screen Logo Show: Enabled
    Anti-Virus Protection: Enabled
    Hard Disk S.M.A.R.T.: Enabled
    Boot Up Num-Lock Led: On
    Halt On Keyboard Error: Disabled
    Swap Floppy: Disabled
    Seek Floppy: Enabled
    Security Option: Setup
    Boot OS/2 For DRAM > 64: No
    Internal Cache: WriteBack
    APIC Function: Enabled
    MPS Table Version: 1.4

    Advanced Chipset Features:
    Cas Latency: By SPD
    Timing Setting Mode: Normal
    AGP Aperture Size: 64M
    MA 1T/2T Select: Auto
    Host To Memory Latency: Normal (Can't change)

    Power Management Features:
    Sleep State: S1/POS
    Initialize VGA BIOS By S3: Enabled
    Suspend Time Out: Disabled
    Power Button Function: Power Off
    After AC Power Lost: Power Off

    Integrated Peripherals:
    USB Function: Enabled
    USB 2.0 Support: Enabled
    USB Legacy Support: Disabled
    AC97 Audio: Disabled
    Onboard PCI IDE: Both

    PNP/PCI Configurations:
    Clear ESCD: No
    PCI VGA Palette Snoop: Disabled
    Primary Graphics Adapter: AGP
    PCI Slot 1/5 IRQ Priority: Auto
    PCI Slot 2/6 IRQ Priority: Auto
    PCI Slot 3 IRQ Priority: Auto
    PCI Slot 4 IRQ Priority: Auto

    Frequency/Voltage Control:
    Spread Spectrum: Disable
    Stop Unused PCI/DIMM Clock: Enabled
    CPU Ratio: Locked
    Detect CPU FSB Clock: Auto
    CPU FSB Clock(MHz): 100MHz
    CPU DRAM Clock Ratio: By SPD
    DRAM Frequency: 333MHz
    DRAM Voltage Adjust(V): 2.5
    AGP Voltage Adjust(V): 1.5

    Is there something wrong? I've tryed all kind of settings but those are now.
  11. SOcRatEs

    SOcRatEs TechSpot Paladin Posts: 966

    Looks perfect
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