MSI 8800GT Texture Problems

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Nov 14, 2007
  1. No matter what game I play or settings I use my games all give me texture malfunctions after a short time playing. I get random lock ups followed by graphic anomalies(no other way to explain). If I minimize to desktop, and then go back into the games they'll play just fine for a short period and then the same problem. I thought it was specific to S.T.A.L.K.E.R, but it does it with Crysis as well. I'm not overclocking at all, and as far as I can tell there's no overheating issues. I've had this problem with the current WHQL driver as well as the new Beta driver.

    I have the following other components:

    motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3P
    CPU: Core 2 Duo E6850 #GHZ
    Memory: 2 X 1 GB PC6400 Crucial Ballistix
    Power Supply: Thermaltake 700 Watt
    Sound Card: Creative ExtremeGamer
    Operating System: Windows XP Professional
  2. Didou

    Didou Bowtie extraordinair! Posts: 4,274

    How can you be sure it's not an overheating problem ? Your vga card might have a temperature probe but it gives you the core temperature, not the memory temperature. Try letting your system operate with the case's side panel open & see if anything changes.
  3. buffdaddy110

    buffdaddy110 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 28

    I put my radeon X1900 back in and all troubles went away. I've sent the video card to Newegg for a refund, and I'll buy another 8800GT when they get them in stock.
  4. kpo6969

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    1.What are your temps? How can you tell? If you don't know that is the problem. The card runs extremely hot and if you don't get a handle on it that's what happens. Do you also know the default fan speed is 29% and you have to manually control it till the drivers are fixed. A suggestion:
    1.driver 169.04 or 169.09 should be used
    2.install RivaTuner 2.06 to manually set fan speed
    3.proper case cooling is a must, the heat needs to be exhausted from your case
    Evga says the card is made to run at 90c+? which is not a good idea
    Crashes are common at 80-85c and up, especially Crysis and BioShock
  5. Didou

    Didou Bowtie extraordinair! Posts: 4,274

    Actually the 8800GT cards are supposed to be running much cooler than the 8800GTS/GTX family of cards (thanks to the 0.065 process shrink). Maybe the cooling mechanism was faulty.
  6. kpo6969

    kpo6969 TS Maniac Posts: 710

    Not the case-issues (btw- I've had one for 2 weeks)
    1.single-slot cooling design (8800GTS/GTX dual-slot, exhausts air from case)
    all the heat from the card stays in your case speed (default 29 percent), does not increase (driver issue) unless you use 3rd party software
    3.Nvidia claims card can operate up to almost 100c
    4.Aftermarket cooling solutions are very, very popular and in high demand
    There is only one made specifically for the 8800GT (HR-03GT) but is not available yet
    5.Stock fan/heatsink is as loud as a lawnmower when at 50 percent or above
  7. Didou

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    Well then like I said it's a less-than-sufficient cooling mechanism, the card does not run that hot with decent cooling.
  8. kpo6969

    kpo6969 TS Maniac Posts: 710

    This is true, but still an outstanding card.
    Factory Default I suppose, this is how they were released.
  9. Didou

    Didou Bowtie extraordinair! Posts: 4,274

    I wonder if a Zalman VF900-Cu would be sufficient. The GTS/GTX/Ultra can only run with a VF1000 & a special (separate) kit for the memory chips which are quite a pain to install.
  10. kpo6969

    kpo6969 TS Maniac Posts: 710

    These are some that I've seen people saying their trying:
    DuOrb (very popular choice)
    VF900 CU2

    There's one comming out made just for the 8800GT (not available yet)
    Thermalright HR-03 GT
  11. mythbusters246

    mythbusters246 TS Rookie

    Its happens to me too!!

    My graphic card is 8600GTS and its Over-Clocked each game i run and after a few min/sec there will be tiny white lines(lots of them) appearing and disappearing at my screen and there are colorful storms???(Don't know how to describe sry...)Do any1 experienced this before??Please help me fix this...Even i minimized the screen will be still the same!!!(with the colorful storms???lol...)Pleas help me ASAP!!
  12. mythbusters246

    mythbusters246 TS Rookie

    I tried it it only remains normal for a longer time then usual...after that it comes again!!!
  13. SineSurfer

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    I have an MSI 8800gt. It came with a moderate factory overclock. The VPU stays relatively cool at 50-60 celcius max load (they can withstand much higher temperatures). The ram chips on mine are also running at a decent temperature. The problem I find is the lack of heatsink on the VRM.

    It gets extremely hot while playing crysis. I have a well ventilated 4 120 mm fans + 120mm fan in the psu + 80mm fan on top. I have found that even with good case flow and cool vpu, the MSI 8800gt VRM gets extremely hot. After placing a fan directly pointing at the VRM, the card stops acting up (artifacting or mild instability). A heatsink for the VRM would also help bring further stability.

    Hope this helps
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