MSI 9800pro (ATI powered) feedback??

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Oct 18, 2004
  1. I bought an Alastor 9550 (ATI powered) card and could never get it to work for than 5 minutes in a game. The store gave me a credit towards another card. I was thinking of getting an ATI 9800pro but can get the MSI version for $70 less. This $70 is a good chunk saved on a budget already gone over with upgrading the card higher in the spectrum. I have an MSI mobo and thought that maybe any compatibility issues would not exist due to same maunfacturer?? Is this so?? Is there anything wrong with the MSI version of the card?? Should I spend the extra and get the ATI built?? Spoon or fork?? To be or not to be?? :giddy: Thanks all

  2. Stephen79

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    well, I was in the same situation today, but after the problems I have had with TWO lesser branded 9600's I went for the more expensive option. I cant afford to have anymore probs with my system... and paying for the best is one way to help reduce such issues (i hope)
  3. Damins

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    Im not a huge fan of the MSI mother boards but I have a few friends that have their video cards and none have ever had a single issue and they are very well built cards. I just bought a sapphire 9800pro last month and the only reason I didnt get the 30 dallor cheaper MSI was that newegg was out and had no date on when they would have more.
  4. PreservedSwine

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    If it's $70 less, be sure it a "real" R9800PRO. Confirm it has all 8 pipelines enabled. Many R9800 models for considerably less money have only 4 pipes, or only 128mb wide bus, instead of the full 256mbDDR wide bus.

    If it meets the criteria, by all means, grab it and have fun. Still a very powerfull card :grinthumb
  5. fnugen

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    Thanks for the info. How would I go about finding out about the pipelines being enabled. I am going to grab it regardless as I won't get my previous spent cash back other than a credit, and this store really has nothing else to offer me. I am going in today to order the card. Looking forward to my games running smooth and fluid. I do get get good gaming out of my 9000pro, so I am guessing the 9800pro will be more than adequate if I have been satiated up to this point. Any more last mintue tidbits I should know before going in to order ??? Thanks to all for the help and feedback.

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