Msi Dr8-a (will Not Flash)!

By cris
Jun 27, 2004
  1. Hello People,

    Ive bought this MSI DR8-A dvd burner.

    I think it was a bad buy!!!

    Im trying to flash the drive with the 150d_scr.bin flash file that is avalable at

    when I try to flash the drive in the real DOS mode It keeps telling me that the flie is the wrong flile for the drive.

    As far as i know it is the right file.

    Im trying to get the drive to recognise more media.

    I cant seam to get any resolution to what is going on.

    if anyone can help me it would be very good.

    and ill have to owe some one a beer or three.

    Plese Help :D

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    Thank you,
  2. XweAponX

    XweAponX TS Rookie

    Are people still complaining about this Unit? I still love (and use) mine.

    I have found various firmware u/d's for this device, this is the one that you are talking bout:

    1) You have to have a floppy disk drive on your PC, I only say this cos it is common nowadays for people to build PC's without one. Well, not a good idea, get a floppy drive, even a USB drive, that way you can D/C it when you want. But for this operation you HAVE to be able to boot up in DOS... Ergo, you must have a hard wired Floopy Disk Drive on the Floopy Drive Bus set up as Drive A.

    (You can, of course, use WinIMAGE 6 and above to create a BIN file that can be used to make a bootabe CD... But you still have to follow the directions down below-)

    2) Assuming you got a floppy drive, you must CREATE a bootable floppy disk. Then, copy the 150D_SCR.BIN and the DVFLASH.exe files to the floppy.

    3) Then you boot up with the floppy disk, and type DVFLASH at the A: Prompt

    From the README.TXT file in the archive:

    So, you would type, at the "A" Prompt:

    A: DVflash 150d_scr.bin

    And then the unit will be updated to this firmware revision.

    However, I do not think you need to do all this... You DO need to buy me all that beer, BUT, hehe, just do this instead.

    On my uniut, which has burnt maybe 4 coasters out of 1,000 burns, I use only SONY, MEMOREX, FUJIFILM media. Sometimes, the Sony and the Fujifilm media ARE THE SAME. You can tell by the design of the Spool. A lot of times, these DVD Blanks and CD blanks come from the same plant - I have seen all three of these, Sony, Memorex, and Fujifilm, being very similar. However, I use,. Mostly, Memorex blanks, DVD+R or DVD-R. The +R are usually more stable, and I was told that for DATA, use DVD-R and for Video DVD's use DVD+R. I had made a review of this Unit at another Tech board, and I said, that the unit burns up to 8x at -R and up to 4x at +r - I believe I have that backward, this unit burns up to 8x +R and 4x -R

    So, the trick for this unit is to be consistent with your media, I always get these same three brands, no matter what the cost. Did you hear me mention that I burned about 4 coasters with this unit? Out of 1,000 total burns (Not an exact figure but an approximate guess) Well, would you not agree that the fact that all 4 coasters were on cheap media - that media that you get for very low price, and it is only rated at 1 or 2x, sometimes 2.4x- I even bought a whole spool of this stuff, and it was rated 4x - I burned two DVD's and I stopped using the media, cos although both blanks burned, the DVD's that I had burned, skipped and had opther various errors and defects.

    So, you do not really want to "Im trying to get the drive to recognise more media." I think you said - Nah, it does not matter how many piece of ****e cheap medias this thing can handle - What MATTERS is, that the things burns GOOD media VERY well.

    Media to use:


    Media to AVOID:

    VERBATIM! VERBATIMVERBATAIMVERBATIM! Verbatim Media SUCKS! Even Verbatim Floppy Disks, out of a package of 10 floppies, 5 will be BAD.

    Ricoh! GQ! Stay Way from them! Anything you buy from Frye's for 10 buks per spool of 50!

    ANY shiny, unmarked Blank - Stay away from these medias, they are VERY badly made.

    DURABRAND! DURABRAND, the brand of Wal+Fart - these USED to be very GOOD, but now, the jury is out. Durabrand used to all be epoxy-covered. But now, they are all too thin.

    (New Subject)

    Now, my new question is, I need to know who made this unit, so I can set the Booktype correctly. The device shows up as Generic ATAPI DVD±RW

    I need to know the ecaxt manufacture, or, the setting in DVD Dectryptor for Book Type.

    Anyone know who the OEM is on these?
  3. XweAponX

    XweAponX TS Rookie

    Hm, I cannot edit:
    Make sure that the unit is a DR8-A. There are several other models that were made back them, and there is also a DR8-A2... I do not know if this one uses the same Firmware Revision.
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