MSI Geforce 4 MX 420 Series

By Johnny Shiro
Jun 12, 2002
  1. I get a system beep lotsa times when i boot up. But after some power off and power on again and starts.... and the graphics card works great !

    MSI has also included a MSI LIVE! Update utility that i used..and guess what ! it found a new bios version for my VGA Bios driver....and it flashes it ONLINE ..and asks me to restart...and when i go to the LIVE update lists the same update it havent been installed !!! arghh...and msi dont provide with info on how to do this manually either.

    Also...i have thought of it could be my chipsets drivers... but how do i know what kind of chipset i got ?

    You can pick from AMD (nope) INTEL (nope) and the VIA Chipsets drivers.... i have a MSI Motherboard with a Intel P3 Processor...thats about i know.... so which one is da right one ?

    Try and help me if you can hehe
  2. JAV

    JAV TS Rookie Posts: 210


    I don't have any direct answers, but I would like to suggest that you run dxdiag.exe thru 'start'>'run' (just type dxdiag.exe in the box) & also download "Fresh Diagnose" from for a program that will give you LOTS of info about your system & the components installed. :grinthumb

    Once you determine what you have: go to the mfgs. websites & check for patches, fixes & updates for the specific programs/components you have. ;)

    HTH, (hope this helps)
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