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MSI GeForce FX 5900ZT 128MB... Any good?

By Ligar · 14 replies
Dec 23, 2004
  1. Hi, I've just bought THIS card to replace my obsolete FX 5600.

    Does anyone kow how good this card is?

    Does it have PixelShader 3 and all that stuff?

    Also whats the ZT mean????????
  2. vegasgmc

    vegasgmc TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,377

    Thats an under clocked 5900XT. Its not a bad card.
  3. Ligar

    Ligar TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 50

    Just installed it now but cos this spare PC is a Dell, theres no spare power cables to power the damm card.

    I'm assuming the card will run fine without it (just not at its full potential) so i'm gonna test some games out on it now :grinthumb
  4. Ligar

    Ligar TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 50

    Hey wait a minute, this POS is clocked at 325mhz. My f*king FX 5600 128MB was clocked at this speed :mad:

    However the memory clock frequency is 700mhz compared to the FX 5600 which was 450mhz.

    That said, I dont think there will be much of a differance in performance between my old FX 5600 and my new FX 5900ZT.

    Am I wrong? I f*king hope i'm wrong cos if i'm not, I would of just gone and forked out £110 for something i already have :mad:
  5. Ligar

    Ligar TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 50

    I've just been testing the FX 5900ZT in Americas Army and the performance differance is about 7 to 8fps differance from my FX 5600.

    This is a ****e differance. Two generations up and a 7fps differance. Robbery.

    nVIDIA are evil ****s, they mislead u with their evil wording and stuff.

    A f*king FX 5900 is TWO MOFO'ing series up from the FX 5600 and ONLY a 7FPS differance.

    No f*king fair.
  6. Didou

    Didou Bowtie extraordinair! Posts: 4,274

    Some games are more limited by the CPU rather then the video card & I believe America's Army to be one of those.

    Goes to show you that it's a better idea to do some research before buying computer parts.
  7. vegasgmc

    vegasgmc TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,377

    THe 5900 has a different core than the 5600. You should be able to overclock it though. You can get a splitter for the power connector. The card should have come with one. Deffinately use the extra power or you'll have problems.
  8. Ligar

    Ligar TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 50

    Ohh the splitter! LOL I dident see one in the box :(

    I will be putting it in my gaming PC once my mobo replacment arrives tomorrow.

    I'm hoping i'll be getting a significant FPS boost and 1 years more gaming out of it before i'll have to start lowering the graphics.
  9. vegasgmc

    vegasgmc TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,377

    Get a program called Coolbits. It will unlock the card and let you overclock it. Rivatuner does the same thing. Put on some RAM heatsinks too and you should be able to get better performance out of that card.
  10. Cpt.Orgasmo

    Cpt.Orgasmo TS Rookie

    Definately need the power!

    First of all you will definately need to plug in the power! I have a 5900XT which is basically the same just a bit faster and u will need it!

    As for the clock speeds of the card you will be able to get them alot higher, i flashed the BIOS of mine with a FX5950 Ultra BIOS and now have default speeds of 475core and 950 Ram and have had 545/1020 before at the max.
    But you wil definately need better g-card cooling for this!
    I have a coolermaster cooler but i dont know the name of it! Has 2 very big heatsinks and a fan as well and is very good!

    Hope This Helps

  11. Ligar

    Ligar TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 50

    Hi guys. I downloaded coolbits2 and can overlock the card but whenever I do overlock it, after reboot, it reverts back to the default 300mhz/700mhz settings.

    Whats going on here?

    Damm this card is slow, i'm so pissed off at nVIDIA's evil way of naming their cards...

    You'd think an FX 5900, being two generations higher than an FX 5600 (my previous card) would give a decent performance boost ATLEAST!!!

    nVIDIA = motherf*kers :mad:

    BTW: I have connected the power cable cos i'm using my gaming PC now as my K8V board replacment arrived :)

    Also, I have 2 60mm case fans for cooling and my card manufactuer is MSI.

    With this info, could u give me an idea of how far I can overclock this card please?

    Thanks in advance.
  12. Cpt.Orgasmo

    Cpt.Orgasmo TS Rookie


    yea i have the same problem with the clock speeds reverting back to their defaults when i reboot and i cant figure out why it does that either,

    the case fans are a help but you would need to buy a graphics card cooler itself to et some serious overclocking out of it so i suggest you look one up and invest in one and then overclock your card
  13. pastyrhd

    pastyrhd TS Rookie

    so can we have som results here

    What bioses have people used (+how to do it)
    and what speeds have been achived

    ps question if zt is an underclocked xt we bios it to an xt without extra cooling then procced to overclock from there as if we started with the xt version
  14. Cpt.Orgasmo

    Cpt.Orgasmo TS Rookie


    i used a MSi Starforce 5950 ultra BIOS with my MSI FX5900XT and it worked fine

    stock speeds were - 350/700 with normal BIOS

    with new BIOS i get stock speeds of - 475/950

    the improvement was great and i noticed a valuble difference
  15. pastyrhd

    pastyrhd TS Rookie

    thx orgasmo

    since u seem to no what ur on abt im interested in flashing my 5900 ZT
    (notice the zt)

    what would u reccomend i do

    apperently msi 5900 xt and zt are identical including pcb not just nvidia chip

    but the zt is underclocked for some reason

    oh and does the diff bios actualy change speeds and ideentification or just allows for higher speeds to be gained (unlocking)
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