MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Gaming Review


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This will NOT do much to help me acquire a second 1080 on sale,for a while still? Thanks AMD.
Anyone who thinks Volta will be arriving anytime soon.better make yourself comfortable.


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I wouldn't bother with the expanded test. The performance was a known quantity before these even released. I'd recommend waiting until AIB Vega 56 at least.

Anyone have any idea when AMD is going to allow AIB partners to produce custom Vega cards.they have been on the market a while now.Christmas season is fast approaching.not that I would buy one ,but just curious.


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Maybe if everyone stopped buying Nvidia cards for a lets a month they might get a bit shirty and drop prices a bit or lets say 6 months then they would be sweating a real lot. But I know thats just fantasy but just remember it's YOU the consumer who can force change, by changing spending habits.


@Steve Is there any merit to the rumor that Nvidia is also forbidding their partners to bin the GPUs? this would make buying the more expensive AIB versions just a lottery on whether it will OC better than the ones with cheaper cooling on them.
I recently bought a Asus ROG Strix GTX 1070Ti A8G Gaming (whew, had to look at the box for that) and it has stickers all over the box saying "Advanced binned" (so it must be true LOL). I haven't had the time to play with an OC, too busy playing games, between Steam sales and limited gaming time I have more games than I can get to


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Really nobody should buy a new GPU right now, they are only value if you need a whole new system. Everyone should resist the urge and make do and wait till prices return to normality or even better back to 9xx prices, 10xx were overpriced before the mining
It's 2022, I've been resisting the urge for five years. Shall I upgrade my GTX 670 now or should I wait until the prices return to normality? :)